Best 7anime Alternatives To Watch Anime Online Free

A lot of people enjoy watching anime as a part of their hobby or just for entertainment. Regardless of what the reason is, people find it easier to watch an anime show on their phone or PC at their convenience. The Internet has made it possible for anime fans to stream unlimited anime on their device for free. Many sites are developed for the same purpose and 7anime is one of those sites. 

7anime is also known by different names like,, etc. It is counted as one of the most popular websites used for streaming online anime. This site lets you stream all your desired anime shows for free. However, due to a lack of stability and other issues, it stops working at times. 

The greatest news for all anime fans is that there are several alternative sites of 7anime which can be used to stream anime of various categories. Just like 7anime, you’ll find several sections of anime content on all these sites which are described below as follows: 

1. AnimeOwl


AnimeOwl is the next option you can try if you’re looking for the best alternatives to 7anime. The site allows you to watch unlimited anime videos for free and doesn’t require you to create an account. The best part of this site is its attractive design and layout. Users indeed enjoy watching movies on this site. There are many more advantages of streaming anime on this site. There are several videos available to watch and the list gets updated regularly. 

You’ll find a massive database containing ONA, TV series, anime series, and movies on this site. The anime shows are categorized in a very systematic manner. You can choose from different categories available on this site and you will also find novels that can be read online. 

2. 1Anime


One of the most popular alternatives of 7anime is 1anime. It is one such anime streaming site with a wide range of animated series and films. It is a superb platform where you’ll find dubbed and subbed anime videos. The layout and design of this site might not seem attractive to try, but you can still use it for streaming anime. It also offers useful filters which help you in shortlisting anime based on your interest. 

You can use this website very easily and navigate from one category to another. There are different headings under which the content of this site is divided into. It is such a website that allows you to choose any anime series you want to watch at random. There are separate titles for dubbed and subbed anime series. The videos are available to stream in HD for an unforgettable experience. 

3. CONtv


The next best alternative to 7anime is CONtv. It is the best platform for people who enjoy reading various comic books. It is mainly dedicated to people who are a member of the Comic-Con group, offering unique material with free access to traditions from different parts of the world. 

There are numerous anime videos on this site. The collection of this site gets updated regularly to make sure that users don’t feel bored of watching the same thing repeatedly. The best part of this site is that you will find a long list of anime shows on this site and you can watch it all for free. Not just this, but CONtv also offers free access to conversations, reviews, interviews, BTS videos, and different formats. It provides both free and paid services to the users. 

4. 4anime


You shouldn’t miss out on the 4anime site if you’re looking for the best site to stream free anime. It allows you to watch all your desired anime series without having to pay money. The performance of this site is excellent and that’s the main reason why it is unique from the rest. 

One significant difference between other anime streaming sites and this one is the availability of safe servers. These servers ensure data protection on your device. There are no ads on this site to disturb you while you stream your favorite anime show. The random option allows you to browse some of the less popular anime shows randomly.  

5. AnimeFreak


AnimeFreak is a very popular site where you can watch anime free in both dubbed and subbed versions. On this site, you can stream the most well-known anime shows including oldest to newest. The user interface of this site is friendly to users and that’s the biggest advantage of using this site to stream anime. 

The view of your favorite anime shows can be adjusted to different thumbnails and detailed copies. On this platform, you can watch the most popular anime series of all time and add them to your list. However, you must note that to create your anime list, you must have an account on this site.

6. AnimeHeaven


AnimeHeaven is no less than a heaven for users who love watching anime. You can watch every anime series on this site. You can also become a premium member on this site to enjoy some added advantages. These advantages include access to download the episodes of your favorite anime show. Everything can be streamed in HD visuals. 

The website also enables you to choose your favorite anime show in categories like fantasy, thriller, action, horror, music, drama, etc. Both dubbed and subbed versions of each anime show are presented separately. The user interface of this site is easy to crack. It also shows you the most appropriate schedule for all the upcoming anime series and shows. 

7. Funimation


Funimation is the next anime streaming site explained here in this list. You can use this site to stream as many anime series as you want. It was first introduced in the U.S and the owner of this site is Sony. The main feature of this site is that you’ll find all Asian anime shows dubbed in English. It is the best anime-watching platform for people who dint like streaming anime with subtitles in English. 

The design of this site is superb with the best design. It shows you suitable anime series which are relevant to your search criteria. It is very easy to find what you want to watch on this site. Though it is not a completely free-to-use site you can try the free version first. 

8. JustDubs 


JustDubs is a great website that allows you to choose your favorite anime show from a huge selection of anime. All anime shows on this site are free to watch. The site particularly focuses on various dubbed anime series. This site is the best place for anime enthusiasts who don’t like to watch their favorite anime with another subtitle.

It also has a sort option that allows you to categorize the content based on different genres. This enables the users to explore the best anime series to watch. This site helps you experience the best anime shows of all time. You can also find many active links on this site which will help you to download your favorite anime show. 

9. Gogoanime


Gogoanime is another top-rated alternative to 7anime. The site features a wide collection of various anime series and shows. You will find some of the very old yet popular anime series on this site. There are many categories into which the content of this site is divided. This helps you to get a better view of all anime series in HD visuals. 

The content of this site gets updated regularly. It provides several genres of anime for the users. You can filter your search options based on different factors. It is also possible for you to search for your favorite anime content in alphabetic order. The various filters you will find on this site include genres, date of release, origin, etc. 

10. KissAnime


The next site we are going to mention here is KissAnime. It has a vast range of series that you can view for free. It has gained high popularity for offering top-quality anime shows. You can stream all the anime shows without paying a single rupee. There is no need for you to create an account on this site to watch anime. 

You can also find your favorite anime shows that you want to watch because they are divided into a good sequence. It has an easy to comprehend user interface which is an advantage. You also don’t have to register on this site to watch the content. There is a search button offered on this site and by this option, you can find your favorite anime show easily. 

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11. Chia Anime

Chia Anime

Chia-Anime is the last option on this site and is considered the best alternative to 7anime. There are several reasons why this site is so popular among users. It is used by almost all anime lovers in the world. The user-friendliness of this site is the main reason why people prefer it over the rest of the anime streaming sites. 

There are many sections into which the anime content of this site is divided. You can easily shift from one category to another with just a few steps. The site is very simple to use and you dint have to waste a lot of time searching for the anime show that you want to watch. 

12. Anime-Planet

Anime Planet

Anime Planet is a good alternative to the 7anime website. There is a list of 45 thousand of anime series and movies which can be watched for free. The user can prepare a separate list of their anime shows which are curated only for you. Every week, you can watch the videos which are compiled on this site. 

You have to sign up to access the content on this website. As soon as your signup is complete, you can be a member of this site. It allows you to choose from manga and anime. The most unique thing about this site is that it allows you to develop connections with other users. There is a chat option by which you can interact with other users. 


1. Can you download anime shows from these sites?

You can be assured that if not all, most of the sites mentioned above allow you to download episodes of your favorite anime show. You can download these episodes to watch them later or when you’re not under internet connectivity.

2. Do you need to create an account on 7anime to stream anime?

There is a compulsion for you to create an account on 7anime. It completely depends on you. You can still access the entire content on this site if you don’t want to create an account. 

3. Does Chia-Anime require VPN software to be accessed?

Chia-Anime is free of cost anime streaming service provider that doesn’t need a VPN in general. However, if the site is banned in your country due to anti-piracy laws, you must use a VPN application to access free anime shows and series on this site. 

4. Do you need to enter your details to sign-up on these sites?

These sites are mostly sign-up free which means that you don’t have to sign-up or register when accessing content. So, there’s no question of sharing your personal information on any one of these sites.


That’s all for you to know about the alternatives to the 7anime website. If the 7anime website isn’t working, you can stop worrying as these sites mentioned above offer really good service. You will find these sites to be similar to 7anime in many aspects including easy accessibility, user interface, free service, and a lot more. You can use these sites to watch your favorite anime without having to pay a single rupee. Most of these sites don’t require you to register or create an account to access their anime content. You can easily turn to these alternative sites if 7anime stops working.