Animedao Alternatives to Watch Anime Online For Free in 2022

Those who love to watch any shows and series are very much aware of this online streaming site known as Animedao. How can we forget about this website? It is so popular all around the globe. This website has been entertaining all of us for a long time. It is not only limited to China or Japan, which are known as the origin of anime but it has spread to other countries as well.

Do you think it’s wise enough to depend on only a single website for watching your favorite anime shows? Not, right? So today we are going to discuss some alternatives to Animedao, which will keep you entertained even though you cannot access Animedao.

Go through the below-mentioned pointers which explain the famous anime streaming websites, which will not let you miss Animedao and will provide you with similar services. 

1. Chia Anime

Chia Anime

Nothing to worry about when you have Chia Anime as an alternative to Animedao. This website has a very attractive interface. It is very easy to access Chia Anime. This website is a replica of Animedao. 

To all the anime fans out there, let me tell you everything about this fantastic site. Apart from a user-friendly interface, you also get all the top-rated series from this website. Go to the menu if you want to explore more. There are different tabs for categories, schedules, Anime List, and most importantly the Bookmark. The Bookmark feature of this website will let you start watching the same episode that you left earlier. Do not miss any scenes; use the Bookmark of Chia Anime.

Now that you have mind-blowing Chia Anime, you can easily find out your favorite series from the home page. The homepage features top-notch series. Go to the search bar, if you are not satisfied with the featured episodes. The users can easily find out the subbed files in HD quality.

2. Gogoanime 


For everyone out there, let us introduce to you Gogoanime. This website is all you need to watch your favorable anime movies and series online. Most of the time, it’s very tough for us to get the latest episodes on time. To catch up with the trending shows and movies, you can trust Gogoanime.

Gogoanime is perfect for all of us. Try out this amazing alternative of Animedao for every content you are looking for. It’s time to follow up on your watch list and fulfill them as soon as possible. For this task, Gogoanime will help you with its limit.

Go to the menu of Gogoanime and get the full list of animes, popular categories, movies, and new seasons. It is optional if you want to create an account in Gogoanime or not. None of the users have to pay for watching these videos online. Get the contents in Chinese or dubbed languages. Users can easily find the right content from the search bar of Gogoanime. All you need is a proper internet connection, to reach this online anime streaming site.

3. Anime.Stream


The demand for anime is huge these days. We feel more connected with this imaginary realm. Remember the old days? As a child, we used to watch anime movies and shows.

To reach your goal of watching animated series and shows, the Anime.Stream website will help you. It is a well-known online streaming platform. You can watch whatever you want.

The Anime.Stream is popular for its updated and premium content. You can read the complete summary of the series here. The website provides HD-quality videos. Action, romance, thrilling, horror, drama, and all types of categories are available here.

Anime.Stream is easily available on the internet. No login or sign-up is required to access the website’s contents. You can watch your desired shows with subtitles. You can customize the streaming speed. 

This website will give you an ad-free experience, with smooth browsing. You have to click on the menu button, and then you will get some fruitful tabs. On the home screen of this streaming site, you will be able to access all the sections – from there you can choose your favorite series and shows.

4. Animehub 


The name of the website is enough to define its features and capabilities. Animehub is an online streaming platform. It is a globally famous website; Animehub is known for its content and website credibility. If you are an anime lover, this website is a Lala land for you.

The genres available on this website are unbelievable – it has horror, fantasy, thrills, kids, romance, actions, cars, games, magic, and many others. You can choose any of them. You can get the latest released TV shows or series on the Animehub website.

You can watch your favorite content with English subtitles. There is also an audio customization option. Select subbed or dubbed option for the video. Users can apply the released year filter on Animehub. The user-friendly home page and the search engine will help you to catch the actual vibe you want.

5. AnimeK 


Have you found any website that features anime movies, series as well as comics? Well, we have discovered AnimeK only for you. So, you can have loads of fun with this website. No need to go anywhere, you can simply watch or read whatever you like for free from AnimeK.

AnimeK has a huge fan base and the site is also safe for users. You do not have to worry about malware or technical glitches on this website. AnimeK is user-friendly and full of advantages.

Go to AnimeK and find out your favorite content from the home screen. All the series are featured based on their release date or schedules. You can find out the content, of the present day, the last day, and the day after. The streaming period is also mentioned below every content. 

Turn on the night mode and enjoy the attractive interface of AnimeK. Don’t forget to read the comics from AnimeK. This website has beautifully featured all the seasonal content, so enjoy every series.

6. KuroAnime 


Let us find out some interesting facts about KuroAnime. This is a safe website that can match up with any devices you are using currently. No doubt, KuroAnime is so well-known among anime fans.

This is this moment; you do not have to pay a single penny for watching your favorite content from the online streaming site because you have KuroAnime at your services. KuroAnime has different sections for Top anime, most popular, TV Series, and Best Anime of the year. You can go through any one of them and choose the right content for entertainment.

KuroAnime is a complete package. If you check out the menu, you will be shocked. This website has so many different tabs to categorize the content. Get multiple videos related to action, horror, cars, wars, space, sci-fi, aliens, retro, and so on. KuroAnime will cover up your wish list. Find out multiple genres from KuroAnime. Every video is HD quality and all of them are dubbed in Chinese and other translated languages. 

7. AniWatcher 


Are you looking for a free website to watch animated series and cartoons? Then don’t worry because AniWatcher is the perfect alternative. You can stream videos online on this website and download them.

AniWatcher is well known for its amazing browsing credibility. Most famous Series like Infinite Darkness, Death Note, High School of the Death, etc. are on this platform. AniWatcher is a complete package of entertainment.

Unlike other OTT platforms or other streaming sites, you don’t require a login or sign-up to start your journey with AniWatcher. The recommendation option on the website will match your list or helps you to watch more newly added series. AniWatcher is completely free; you don’t need to pay a single penny to watch any content. All the contents are available with subtitles. So let’s start today and finish one more series.

8. InstaAnime


InstaAnime website is revolutionizing the whole anime world. On this website, you can browse all animated movies and series. Let’s enhance your mood through InstaAnime and connect with other people.

On this website, you can get thousands of animated videos. You can bookmark your favorite ones. The platform is for watching anime shows. Give this opportunity to your friends and family for full-on entertainment. Globally, people can access this website and watch and share HD videos.

First, you need to create an account on the InstaAnime website with your valid mail id. After creating the account you would be able to access all the episodes available here. InstaAnime is all you need to get the same services as Animedao. It is safe for every device. Without any worries, you can browse the content available here and enjoy the moment. Try out all the trending shows online. InstaAnime is free for all, no need to pay for this website. 

9. KissAnime


Are you searching for a free website to watch your favorite animated series? Don’t worry, KissAnime is here. This website is an online streaming platas – here you can watch all you and your favorite anime series and movies. Anime is not only for kids but also for adults. Nowadays, adults also prefer to watch them with the same enthusiasm and compassion as general Movies and TV shows.

On the KissAnime website, you can find all the famous animated content like One piece, Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, Black Clover, and many more popular animated series and shows. The content available here is high quality in resolution. The website is all updated. You can see the upcoming series and shows on the home page.

The user-friendly interface of the application will make your search task easy. The advanced search tab on the top will help you to reach your genre quickly. You don’t need to create an account to access the contents avail on the website. The trending tab on the home screen will take you to the topmost trending content available on the website directly. Make this weekend worthwhile; watch your favorite series with your loved ones on the KissAnime website.

10. KickAssAnime


KickAssAnime is a free platform available for everyone around the globe. Anyone will be able to access the contents available here for free. It is optional – you may choose to sign up for this KickAssAnime or access the content directly.

KickAssAnime can be a good alternative for anyone because it has all the cool features and limitless content for your entertainment, just like the respective website. Go to the search bar and type the name of the series or movie you want to watch. The menu of KickAssAnime will provide different sections of this website. 

The users can turn on the dark mode to fully enjoy the videos. All the videos available are in HD quality; there are also multiple resolutions. KickAssAnime will also give you the chance to keep a request to the website or report any issues that you are facing. KickAssAnime is a free platform and safe for your device. Get all the quality services that you deserve from this online streaming site.


1. Is it safe to create an account on online movie streaming sites?

We have chalked-out different alternatives so that you never miss out on any of the anime content; these sites have good reviews and you do not have to worry if you want to create an account on these alternatives.

2. Are all these alternatives mentioned above, free for the users?

The alternatives of Animedao, which are mentioned above are free; you do not have to pay a penny for creating an account or watching or downloading the videos.

3. Can I use my phone for accessing these websites?

You can use a phone, laptop, PC, or even tablet for accessing these websites; all you need is – just a proper internet connection that will support the free and seamless streaming.

4. Why am I not able to access a few alternative sites?

Sometimes the internet server also matters, if you want to access this site; to avoid such glitches you can opt for a VPN or simply go to incognito mode so that you can access all of these websites.


Animedao is a good platform but in case you cannot find out favorable content or you want to switch to something different – these alternatives are going to help you out. All these are functioning well in 2022. So, stay tuned to all the trending anime shows and episodes. Share them with your friends and have lots of fun. Be prepared with a bowl of popcorn and lots of free hours because you are going to have limitless content for free.