Is AnimeFrenzy Down? 10 Best Sites Like AnimeFrenzy in 2023

We are nothing without the internet. Let it be anything – we always depend on this virtual platform. No doubt that the internet has a lot to contribute to the popularity of anime and one of the famous sites – AnimeFrenzy. This amazing website has been entertaining anime lovers for a long time. There are lots of reasons to love AnimeFrenzy since you can watch all of its contents for free. 

AnimeFrenzy is the first love for every anime fan; since this site offers exclusive movies and TV shows. It’s very hard to stay away from this website until the day it stopped working for some technical glitches.

Maybe it is not possible to access AnimeFrenzy anymore but who said that we do not have any other alternatives?

Today we are going to introduce to you 10 different alternatives of AnimeFrenzy which will amaze you and keep you updated about all the movies and TV series.

1. Anime-Planet 

Anime Planet

Those waiting eagerly to learn about the alternatives of AnimeFrenzy, let us introduce to you Anime-Planet. This website is a complete package and the hub for 45,000 anime videos. So, be prepared for entertainment. Are you excited to try out Anime-Planet? Imagine being a part of such an amazing website that is free and every user can access all the contents available here. This website will let you search movies or anime series based on their name, the popular character, and the popularity of the overall movies. 

Anime-Planet is not just limited to anime but you can also find out many contents of manga. Discover the forum of Anime-Planet so that you can connect with more people like you who share the same interest in anime and discuss with them about the shows. Connect to get more updates.

2. Gogoanime


Find out the instant results for all your searches on Gogoanime. This website is a blessing for all the animal lovers like us. No doubt, Gogoanime can offer us similar services just like AnimeFrenzy. This is a new virtual realm, which is getting popular day by day. Gogoanime is all you need to watch free anime online – these are subbed and dubbed content. Try out the free movies and series available on Gogoanime. This website will allow you to enjoy the free services instead of asking for creating any account. Users who are looking for entertainment can make full use of this application. Get HD quality videos from Gogoanime. 

Gogoanime is compatible with multiple devices like Androids, Apple, or PCs. There is no need to hop from one website to another when you’ve got this perfect solution for your cravings for anime. Every second counts in Gogoanime, since this website is going to give you a fulfilling experience.

3. MackyAnime


MackyAnime is a top-class website; it is well-known for its superb services to its users. For a flawless experience, you can choose this website and enjoy watching anime content anytime and anywhere. The moment you search for this website, you will be amazed at how well-crafted everything is. MackyAnime looks like any other paid and elite online streaming site. If you are looking for a similar streaming site like anime frenzy, then this might be the right source because MackyAnime has all the cool features to entertain its viewers. The homepage features all the top-rated anime episodes and movies. 

From the new release to the most viewed content – all are featured on the home screen. If that does not satisfy you, then you can simply go to the search bar and type the name of the movie you want to watch. MackyAnime has a well-crafted menu that is differentiated among movies, series, and TV shows. You can also find out the content from different categories. The language will not be a big deal with MackyAnime; since this website, features subbed and dubbed content. If originality matters, then you can also go for the raw videos without any edits.

4. Animebullbe


Animebullbe can match AnimeFrenzy. Unlike any other free website, Animebullbe can give you similar services just like any other paid online streaming site. It’s time to download all the anime episodes, movies, and TV shows from this amazing hub for anime. The moment you go to the website, you will be amazed at the home screen – it features lots of entertaining content. Scroll down and it might never finish because there are limitless movies and series available on this site. 

Animebullbe will take you to the right destination; you just need to search the name of the series. Go to the menu to find out different apps for series and movies. Animebullbe is safe for your device and you can also experience seamless streaming without any hassle. Get all the HD-quality videos from this website. You can download the content or you can watch whatever you like from this online streaming site. This source of entertainment is going to lock you to the device for hours.

5. AnimeNana


Animated movies and series have become our favorite. We love to watch them since our childhood. Animated series and movies are not only for kids but also for adults. So, here AnimeNana website will help you to relive your childhood memories. With AnimeNana, you can have lots of fun. AnimeNana is an online animated movie and series streaming website. Here, you can watch all your favorite animated genres.  AnimeNana provides old animate series with the most updated ones. The content available here is very famous. There are thousands of TV shows, movies, and series available here. You can watch your favorite series without any hesitation. 

AnimeNana is easily available on the internet. All the available content are uploaded in HD quality. You can customize the streaming speed, according to your choice. You don’t need to create an account to stream the movies or series. This website is completely free. You can watch anything you want; it will not cost a single penny. Don is not late, just browse to AnimeNana and start watching following your watch list for animated series.

6. 9anime


If you are an anime fan, then 9anime will provide you with unlimited entertainment. It’s a perfect platform for all anime lovers. 9anime is an online animated movie streaming website. Here, you can watch all the content for free. 9anime is a popular site just like AnimeFrenzy, where you can watch English subbed and dubbed anime. There are thousands of animated movies and series to watch on this website. 9anime contains an extensive content library with thousands of animated shows. You can enjoy your favorite genre. 

9anime proved all its contents in HD quality; like 720p or more than that. The crystal clear interface makes the searching task easy for the users. No registration or signup is required to access all the content. This free anime streaming website will give you a heavenly experience. So don’t waste your time and fulfill your untouched anime list by browsing 9anime.

7. AnimeTV


The popularity of animated series is rising day by day. People are adopting anime just like Marvel or any top-notch movies. AnimeTV is here to rescue you. This is an online streaming website. With AnimeTV, you can watch sub, raw, dub, and any popular Chinese anime. AnimeTV has a huge fan base. There are thousands of animated series available on this website. From the 90s series to the 21st century, everything is delivered here. The website is all updated. You can find the latest content on this site. 

Famous anime series like Overload IV, Spy X Family, Summertime Render, Pokémon, etc. are available here. The simple home screen of the website makes your task easy – find out your favorite content instantly. From the menu, there is a tab for popular content, which will lead you to famous series and movies. All the content available here, are HD in quality. No signup or login is required to access all your favorite content.

8. StreamAnimeTV


You will be amazed after knowing that StreamAnimeTV provides all the popular content you wanted to watch. As we know, the popularity of anime among this generation is rising day by day. We can use StreamAnimeTV as an alternative to AnimeFrenzy. StreamAnimeTV is a famous online anime streaming website. Here you can get whatever you want. Famous animated series like Dragon Ball, Naruto Shippuuden, One Piece, and many more are available here. The list of the genre on this website is very vast and impressive. You can select multiple categories from there.

The features of StreamAnimeTV make it unique from the other anime streaming websites. All the content available here contains a brief description, which will help a user to understand the series or episode. The awesome video clarity and add the free experience of StreamAnimeTV are amazing. You can watch your favorite series with English subtitles. You can also download anime content here. No signup or login is required to access the HD videos.

9. Funimation


So excited to find out another alternative to AnimeFrenzy? Then what can be better than Funimation? This is a suitable proxy for AnimeFrenzy. This site allows users to watch the latest animated series and movies which are famous all around the globe. No matter where you reside; you can be a citizen of Ireland, the USA, Canada, the UK, or any other country – everyone can access the website easily. Funimation is all you need to have an amazing moment with your friends. Bring them and have an anime night together. 

You do not have to sign up or make an account to access this website. It has a user-friendly interface for the users. No doubt, Funimation has so many active users around theFunimation can give you all the entertainment and its content is free for the users. Without subscribing to the site, you can access it. There is a variety of videos that can be played online. Find out the top-rated anime movies only on Funimation; play them anytime and anywhere with a proper internet connection. This site is safe for everyone – you can trust Funimation. This website is the right source of entertainment.

10. Daisuki


All the anime fans might have heard about the name Daisuki. We have chalked out Daisuki as an alternative to AnimeFrenzy which is actively performing in 2023. Your search for a full package of entertainment can end now. Anyone can take the advantage of this free online streaming site and all the movies and series you like. Daisuki has multiple resolutions for videos. Find our unlimited content, which is dubbed in multiple languages. Every video has a short description, so you can choose wisely. Take the advantage of Daisuki and watch what you like.

Daisuki is a distinct ream for anime. You can get all the updated news from this website. Users do not have to create any account for Daisuki. You can buy anything you like from this free site. There are separate tabs in Daisuki for Series, Studio, Store, and TV. All your searches end in Daisuki.


1. Why AnimeFrenzy is not functioning anymore?

AnimeFrenzy was one of the famous streaming sites but due to some internet policies, AnimeFrenzy is banned by a few servers.

2. How can I access the alternative sites even though my server does not allow it?

If the server is blocking you from reaching the online streaming site then you should use the Incognito feature on your device or VPN.

3. Can I use my phone for watching anime online?

All the alternatives of AnimeFrenzy, mentioned above can easily function on your device.

4. Is there any application available for the websites mentioned above?

No such applications are there for the above-mentioned websites.


So, all the anime fans around the world, we present you with these amazing websites, which will help you to watch unlimited anime movies and series. Be prepared with a bowl of popcorn because these back-to-back episodes of famous anime series will not end soon. Try out all the websites, available in this write-up. Get the popular anime content from these alternatives of AnimeFrenzy and have fun.