Best Animekisa Alternatives to Watch Anime Online in 2024

Cartoon shows and anime are a thing for everyone. Not just children but people of all age groups like watching cartoons and anime to lighten their mood and de-stressing themselves. Watching anime shows can have a lot of advantages and that’s why people turn to cartoons and anime for free. Earlier, people had to watch cartoon shows and anime shows only on Television. Nowadays, the internet has provided access to watch numerous anime shows for free via anime streaming sites. 

There are several anime streaming websites available on the web. Animekisa is one of those anime streaming sites which can take you through a long list of anime shows and movies. There can be times when you’re not able to access this site. In such a situation, you can use the alternatives of Animekisa which are mentioned below as follows: 

1. 1Anime


One of the best alternatives to Animekisa is 1Anime. It is an anime streaming website with a huge content of animated films and series. It is an excellent platform for subbed and dubbed anime videos. The design and layout of this website will not attract users, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used. A good filter option enables you to shift easily from one to another category.

It is easy to use since there are just a few headings and divides the anime based on trending episodes, top anime, and new releases. If you’re not looking for anything in particular, the random option will help you in making a choice. There are subbed and dubbed tags that can be used for all anime videos on this site. For a top-rated watching experience, the videos are featured in HD. 

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2. AnimeOwl


AnimeOwl is the next site that we’re going to talk about. It is one of those anime websites which has been designed attractively. The site is enjoyed by the users when they watch movies on site. However, there is so much more to this site than just a stylish design. The anime website has a huge collection of videos that can be updated continuously and you can watch all of them in HD resolution. 

The site features a wide range of anime shows, TV series, ONA, OVA, specials, and movies. There is an anime list in which you’ll find anime arranged in alphabetic order from A-Z. There are various categories to choose from and you’ll also find a huge content comprising of novels that are available to read online. 

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3. CONtv


The next Animekisa alternative that we have here for you is CONtv. If you love reading comic books, you will enjoy this site. This streaming platform is devoted to people who belong to the Comic-Con group, providing them exclusive material along with access to conventions from various parts of the United States. 

The site features a huge collection of videos. There are TV programs and films in various genres, like supernatural, horror, action, and many more. The most important thing to know is that you’ll find a large list of anime on this site that can be watched for free. Apart from all this, CONtv offers the users access to BTS videos, conversations, interviews, reviews, and other types of content. You can avail both paid and free versions of this site. 

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4. AnimeFreak


AnimeFreak is yet another anime streaming site that allows you to watch both subbed and dubbed anime free. On this website, you can watch the most popular anime series including the newest and classic. The interface of this website is user-friendly which is the main reason you can always turn to this platform to watch your favorite anime. 

You can change the view of your desired anime shows from a list to various thumbnails and get other details too. You can create your list of desired anime. You need to create your account on this platform. It is easy to log in to this site to access a list of extra features which are provided on this platform.

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5. AnimeHeaven 


AnimeHeaven is another option you can consider to watch your favorite anime shows. UT offers free access to many anime shows including the oldest one. You can avail a premium membership on this website because it enables you to download your desired anime series episodes. You can watch everything in HD quality. 

The website also allows you to search for your favorite anime in different genres like action, drama, fantasy, music, thriller, horror, and others. All the shows are available in both dubbed and subbed versions. The user interface of this site has been designed in an organized way. You’ll also find the schedule for all upcoming anime shows on this site which show you the on-going anime shows and series. 

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6. 4anime


4anime is one of the best platforms for all anime enthusiasts because it enables you to stream all your favorite anime shows for free. The developers of this site have performed well to set this website apart from the rest. 

A major difference between other sites and this site is that there are secure servers on this site that keep your data protected. You’ll not find any ads on this platform and this is a great advantage for users. The platform is the best example of innovation. You can tap on the random option to browse the different anime shows. 

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7. Funimation


Funimation is another well-known site that can be used for streaming as many Anime shows as you want. This site was first started in the US. It is owned by Sony. They are skilled in dubbing all Asian anime series in English. If you don’t enjoy watching anime with English subtitles, this site is the best platform you should go for.

It has a user-friendly interface with a good design. The developers of this website have performed well in dividing the anime series based on genre. You can locate your favorite anime easily. It is not free to use but you can use the free version initially to get a brief idea about the working of this site. 

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8. Gogoanime


Gogoanime is one of the most popular alternatives to Animekisa. The site showcases a vast range of different anime shows and series. You’ll find all classic anime shows which are quite rare. Several categories help you in exploring this site better. You can view all the anime shows in HD quality print. 

The content on this site is updated regularly. It offers many anime genres to the users with the help of which you can sort your search. You can also search your favorite content in alphabetic sequence as it is arranged from A-Z. The entire anime content of this site is divided into various categories based on release year, date, genres, etc. 

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9. JustDubs


JustDubs is a superb website that enables you to select anime from a wide range of free anime shows. The site is specifically aimed at dubbed anime shows. So, this site is good for all anime lovers who don’t like watching an anime in the subtitled version. 

It has a filter option that enables you to classify the content based on various genres. This allows the users to discover the best anime show they want to watch. This site makes the site that you avail a seamless watching experience for all anime enthusiasts. This is an exceptional site that allows you to stream as many anime series as you want. This site also gives you links to download the anime shows or series that you want. These links are active and they take you to the content directly. 

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10. KissAnime


KissAnime is one of the best alternatives to Animekisa. The website has a wide collection of anime series which can be viewed for free. It is popular for providing high-quality anime series. You can watch all the anime series without having to pay any charge. You don’t need to create an account to access the content of this site. 

You can locate your favorite series to watch easily as they are categorized in proper order. The user interface of this site is very easy to understand. You don’t need to register on this site or pay any charge to watch content. There is a separate search option offered on this site and with the help of this option, you can find your favorite anime show easily by entering the keywords. 

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11. Anime-Planet

Anime Planet

Anime Planet feels heavenly for anime enthusiasts. You will find nearly 45 thousand anime shows and movies on this site. The user can develop a collection of anime that will include all their favorite anime shows. Each week, you can view the video compilation on the homepage of this site.

You are required to sign up on this site to view content on this site. When your signup is over, you will become a member of this anime site. It enables you to select from anime, characters, and manga. If you want to build up connections with people who love watching manga and anime online, you must be a part of this group. You can use the search button on this platform to find your desired anime. 

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12. Chia Anime

Chia Anime

Chia Anime is regarded as a good alternative for users who are unable to access Animekisa. Many factors are responsible for the site becoming so popular. You can get free service on this platform. You don’t have to pay any fee to watch content on this website. 

The platform also provides free access to shows, videos, movies, and many more. A website is an excellent place for all anime enthusiasts. You can view subbed content with English subtitles. Various options are offered on this platform to browse non-stop. It is very easy for users to shift from one part of the website to another because the website allows easy navigation. 

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1. Is Animekisa legal?

You might be wondering whether Animekisa is legal or not. The simple answer to this question is that Animekisa cannot be considered a legal anime streaming platform. Users like using this platform as it has many advanced features which help you to find out your favorite content easily. If you’re using the apk version of Animekisa, you must be aware of working on the site to be able to download the anime shows and movies quickly in HD print. 

2. Do you need to use an ad-blocker to access this site?

This site contains very few ads. These ads are too less to cause disturbance to your streaming experience. Using an ad-blocker app while accessing this site is not mandatory. However, if you get disturbed by these ads, you must use an ad-blocker application. 

3. Is Animekisa free to use?

Animekisa is free to use the site and you don’t have to pay any charge to use this platform. The site can be used for free without having to spend money. 

4. Are these alternatives safe?

All these alternatives are safe to use and you don’t need to worry. Using these sites doesn’t cause any threat to your device or the data stored on it. So, you can use all these alternatives for free without worrying about your privacy and data.

5. Is Animekisa a reliable website?

Since Animekisa typically hosts content from pirated and copyrighted sources, it is justified that you are worried about the website’s safety and reliability. What’s great is that the website is 100% safe, so you won’t have to worry about virus or malware risks.

6. Can I download content from Animekisa?

Animekisa is primarily a website based on streaming features, which means that you can comfortably stream the content but when it comes to downloading the content, there can be a lot of limitations. In that case, we’d recommend looking into the alternatives.

7. Do I need a VPN to access Animekisa?

Unlike many other copyrighted content websites, Animekisa isn’t under a lot of scrutiny and restrictions, which means that there are fewer chances that the website isn’t available where you live. So, the need for a VPN isn’t that profound and you can go without it for sure.

8. Do I need to sign up on Animekisa?

The good news is that Animekisa is 100% free and doesn’t require any kind of sign-up or registration. So, if you are sitting there wondering if you have to sign up, the simple answer is that you don’t have to.


That’s all you need to know about the Animekisa website. All the alternatives which are mentioned above in this list above are safe to use. These alternatives are 100% working and can take you through various anime shows and series. You can use these sites for free without having to pay any charge or subscription. 

You can watch a wide range of anime shows and movies on these sites. If you aren’t able to access Animekisa at times, you must turn to these alternatives to continue streaming anime endlessly. There are many other sites you can use to stream anime but these sites are completely tested and they work smoothly.