17 Best iPhone Widgets for Personalizing your User Experience in 2024

Applications are often designed to streamline our user experience on mobile. For example, would you open and close your email app hundred times if you could get an update around the same right on your home screen? Probably not, right?

Well, that’s exactly what the iPhone widgets are for. They are there to streamline your user experience and make your life easier. While Android devices are known for providing users access to a diverse range of widgets for customization, even Apple is stepping up its game.

From home screen to lock screen widgets, there is a diverse range of options, especially when it comes to keeping yourself updated on what’s happening inside your iPhone apps without actively checking out the app.

This article will explore a list of all the top iPhone widgets that can help you keep up with your app notifications and updates without any complications.

What are the top iPhone Widgets?

iPhone widgets are not static. This means that Apple is consistently updating its widget library with all the latest updates and choices that you can use on your iPhone.

However, with so many apps and such a diverse range of options when it comes to widgets, it isn’t surprising that people are inquisitive about the latest iPhone widgets available. If you are in the same boat and sitting there confused about which widgets to use and which ones to avoid, the following list should sort it out for you.

1. Launcher

If you are looking for the most customizable iPhone widget, it has to be the Launcher. Besides being a fully customizable widget app, it enables you to quickly launch different apps and stay updated about what’s happening.

Besides the ease of usage, one thing about this widget app that makes it worth it is the diversity of features. You can initiate Facetime calls, or call or message someone using this particular platform. That’s how convenient everything is.

2. Widgetsmith

If the name wasn’t a giveaway, Widgetsmith does what it claims. The app is ideal for users who wish to personalize their iPhone’s home screen without any hassle. Installing this app enables you to display weather, date, time, and other activity and goals right on the home screen of your iPhone.

Not just that, if you are one of those people that’s crazy about personalizing the look of your iPhone, this app streamlines that process by enabling you to change the theme, aesthetics, and images of your iPhone in no time at all. There is an option that allows you to schedule certain widgets on the home screen for productivity as well.

3. Smart Stack

Wouldn’t you love it if your iPhone knew what you’d do next and do it for you instead? That’s what Smart Stack is all about. It identifies your user pattern on the iPhone to further simplify the user experience. It does come as a built-in widget from Apple, so you won’t ever have to complain about the efficiency of the said app.

Using this widget app, users can customize it to show the most used and important widgets on the screen. You can also cycle through those said widgets, which further simplify the user experience and make it meaningful and worth the time.

4. Simple Photo widget

The standard Apple Photos app widget is no doubt pretty great. There are no two ways about it. However, what you fail to realize is that most of the stock Apple apps don’t offer customization and Photos isn’t any different.

Sometimes, the stock photos widget will pick random images for photo albums or featured images, which is potentially the last thing you want to do. This is where the Photo Widget: Simple comes into play. It is a third-party widget, so keep that in mind. With this widget, users can create an album of images and then set them at their desired intervals for a seamless user experience.

5. Sports Alert

If you are a sports fanatic and like to keep up with live sports news and updates, the Sports Alert is an iOS widget you won’t regret indulging in. It is a custom widget that allows you to keep track of the score in real time without any compromise.

What’s great about this app is that it covers all major sports and tournaments, so you shouldn’t have to miss out on your scores or updates. Overall, the aesthetic of this widget is quite dynamic and you have it right on the home screen for easy access. The widget’s size is customizable too, so you can change things around to fit your device’s display.

6. Calm

This particular widget app might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you are into self-care, spiritual awakening, and mindfulness, Calm is an app that doesn’t disappoint. It helps you start your day right and enables you to set a correct mindset for the day. It is primarily a meditation app, which allows you to take things slowly.

What’s great about this app’s widget is that it sends daily reminders and updates right to your home screen so you prioritize yourself throughout the day. Overall, the app also sends you little notes of encouragement as widgets, which is always motivating too.

7. Apollo for Reddit

Reddit is hands down one of the most unique “social media” platforms and open forums but that’s a big downside to this app is the lack of an app. Apollo is considered the best Reddit app for iOS and is specifically designed for individuals who want to keep a check on the subreddits without any complications.

What’s great about this widget is the ease of use. The widget is lightweight and efficient and can be customized to better suit your needs. There are different categories of widgets in this app, including the Posts grid widget, Wallpaper widget, etc. 

8. TripIt

Are you a traveling buff? If yes, TripIt is an iOS widget you won’t regret indulging in. The primary function of this widget is to help you organize your travel plans in one place without any compromise. This is a standout app but the well-customized widget of this app is pretty great and comprehensive. You can find all the relevant details of your travel plan on this widget.

Also, the customization options allow you to choose the information that you want to be displayed on the widget and the ones you don’t. You can put the flight and hotel details as the priority to sort things out for when you are traveling.

9. theScore

You can never have too many widgets to keep up with a sports event’s live score and theScore is no doubt one of the best options to explore. Having this widget on your iPhone helps you keep up with the live score and keep an eye on your favorite team’s current status in the match.

Besides live scores and updates, the widget also allows you to maintain a schedule of when your favorite team is playing. So, when the game is about to start, you should receive a notification so you don’t miss out on the big moments in the tournament. Also, the widget is 100% free.

10. ScreenKit

If you are on a quest to entirely customize your iPhone’s home screen from scratch to resemble the aesthetic and premium look, ScreenKit is the widget app you need to download. The widget app consists of 5000+ designed icons and over 500 stunning themes which make the whole experience very premium.

What’s great about this app is the organization. Every single element in the app is well-customized and organized and that includes the clock, wallpaper, battery, date, clock settings, etc. Using this widget, you have complete autonomy to customize anything and everything that you want on your iPhone’s home screen.

11. Bears Countdown

This particular widget app is a hit or miss. Some iOS users swear by it while others don’t feel the need to use it. Irrespective, this deserved a special mention. This widget is perfect for individuals who have a habit of forgetting important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, big milestones, upcoming events, etc.

With Bears Countdown, you have a widget right on your iPhone’s home screen that keeps you updated on upcoming events and does a countdown until the big day. The app is 100% free to download but it contains some in-app purchases if you want to unlock some of the exclusive features.

12. Color Widgets

If you are a neat freak or an organization junkie who likes to keep everything in your life organized, Color Widgets is an app you will find a lot of help with. It allows you to color code and organize different things on your iPhone. 

What’s great about this widget app is the degree of freedom you get. You can pick and choose the color schemes, themes, etc., and then go on and organize everything on your iPhone depending on your needs. With this widget, you can switch up the font, and even customize certain app backgrounds with customized images.

13. Weather

Another important and pretty effective widget app for your iPhone that’s worth the time is the Weather widget app. With this separate weather app widget, you can keep track of the weather without needing open and close the Weather app simultaneously.

From the temperature to the air quality index, you can use this widget seamlessly to keep up with more or less all the weather-related factors. Not just for your iOS apps, the widget is equally functional on iPads too.

14. Day One Journal

If you are into journalling and like to stay mindful about your day, One Day Journal is a pretty great widget app to explore. With this widget, you can seamlessly sort out your life without any compromise at all.

Besides your standard text-based journal entry, the widget also enables you to add videos, images, and even audio recordings, if that’s something that tickles your fancy. The streaks and the overall layout of this app are quite promising and should help your sort your life – one day at a time. The app is 100% free and contains a lot of in-app purchases, which you might need to be mindful of.

15. FoodNoms

Are you trying to manage your calories and keep track of your portion size and calories, Food =Noms is a great widget app that you can explore. It enables you to meal prep and then track your food consumption goals. This is a food library app where you can log your calories.

The widget is also great for meal planning and allows you to break down the meals per day. Also, every part of the widget is customizable. It comes with a free version and the paid version comes with a few exclusive features, including hydration tracking.

16. Batteries

How often do you lose track of your iPhone’s battery life? And, then when it’s too late, you are rushing around the house trying to find your charger because your iPhone is at 2% battery. The widget is pretty simple and easy to operate, which makes the app very easy to navigate through.

You can track the battery life of your device directly from the widgets panel, which makes the whole experience a lot more streamlined. What’s great about this widget is that you don’t have to download the unnecessary third-party app when you enable this widget.

17. Spotify

Last on the list is the music lovers who spend the majority of their time listening to their favorite songs. With Spotify’s widgets, you can now keep a track of all your favorite beats and add the widget directly to your home screen to access your music quickly.

Not only does it enable you to access your most likely songs, but you can also directly access playlists too, which is always fun and exhilarating as well.


That’s all you need to know about the best iOS widgets for your iPhone. All of these cover different features and functionalities on your iPhone, making your life a lot easier. The best part of using these widgets is the ease of accessibility, especially if you multitask on your iPhone.

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