What Is Docsity? Should You Use Docsity?

There is no alternative to education. It’s important and a sheer necessity that everyone grows up with. If you are someone who is considering graduating from a university, Docsity is a platform that can come in handy for you. The website is created for college students who want their process of graduation and their learning experience to be a smooth ride.

However, with so many controversies that the firm has been under, it isn’t surprising that people are continually finding ways to put down the credibility and advantages that come around with the website.

On the flip side, Docsity is quite beneficial in improving the learning experience and enabling graduates to crack their entrance exams without any roadblocks. If you are confused about the platform and aren’t sure if it is the right website for you, this article should give you a comprehensive understanding of it.

What is Docsity?

Let us start with the basics. So, what is Docsity?

Docsity is a popular education technology firm that connects students with educators to further improve their learning journey exponentially.

The platform connects students and instructors from around the world and from esteemed colleges and universities. Learners on the platform have complete freedom and autonomy to share their knowledge, queries, resources, etc. on the website for other people to find value in.

There is a registration requirement on the portal, so that’s something that users have to rightfully sort out. Once the users sign up to the platform, they can have direct access to the documentation, available resources, and the information that was shared by the users.

Once you sign up to Docsity, keep hold of the username and password that you are given. These are the credentials that you’d need to use to log into the portal at a later date. 

Since Docsity is a global education platform, it isn’t surprising that it’s accessible to college students and soon-to-be graduates to learn about their curriculum with the aligned resources that are available on the platform. The website or portal is available in nine different languages, making it a lot more accessible to users.

With over 15 million registered and active users on the platform, Docsity is one of the most popular education technology portals where students and educators come together to make learning a seamless and optimal experience.

Given the kind of traction Docsity gets daily, it isn’t surprising that the platform is being continually updated daily to better align it with the interest of the users.

What are the Advantages of using Docsity?

Docsity is a popular and tangible education technology website that is focused on providing easy access to graduation-level learning to the registered students on the platform.

There are four different levels of learning experiences available with Docsity, including:

  • Social media
  • Docsity Fundamentals
  • Docsity Expertise 
  • Docsity Training

These modules can help the students make the most use of the portal and get access to the learning materials and resources that they are likely on the lookout for. If you are 100% new to the platform, we’d highly recommend looking through all of these individual modules on Docsity before you go ahead and start your learning experience on the platform.

The primary objective of Docsity is to bring together a global community of students and support their learning experience with premium quality study and exam materials. These include notes, exam prep, and other materials that students will not get easy access to.

Docsity works in making the overall learning experience of college students accessible and affordable. With one unified platform, students can now share their knowledge and help out others who are probably stuck trying to solve one issue with a particular subject.

Docsity is a firm believer in sharing the economy. So, every single updated study material on the website is freely accessible to the students. The best part of the exchange of notes is that the resources are primarily shared by students like you. 

Do you Need Docsity?

Well, this is a subjective answer. If you like having access to additional study material to streamline your learning experience then Docsity is a good platform for you to look into.

On the flip side, if you don’t feel the need to spend your time looking up additional study material and resources because you already have what you need, then we’d not recommend you look into Docsity.

From Maths, English, Science, History, etc., the diversity of classes and the subjects are quite amazing on the platform, which means that you won’t have to feel left out with your subject. More or less, every kind of subject and graduation study material is shared on the platform, making it easier for the users to have easy and direct access to the information without any hassle at all.

The best thing about Docsity that makes it stand out from similar platforms is accessibility to cutting-edge methods and resources that are one of a kind. 

Besides this, Docsity also supports the “Flash Card” learning experience, which comes in handy for most college students who want a reliable platform to refresh what they learned without needing to depend on someone to do that for them.

Is Docsity a Reliable Platform?

Despite what you think, Docsity is no doubt a reliable and safe platform that you can look into for your graduation study material.

Although it was founded by independent creators, the platform was later acquired by The International Association of Schools and Colleges (IASCE) in 2021 and is part of the International Educational Exchange (IEEE).

Being one of the six members of IEEE, the platform has managed to acquire a lot of name and popularity over time. It is also touted as the leading name under BNC analysis, particularly in the education sector.

The integration of the BNC system ensures to keep check of all the students’ progress on the portal and ensure that the shared resources are factually correct so none of the students are misled with misinformation while they are learning their basic concepts.

Docsity also leverages its collected data on the platform and uses them to conduct tests and important study material that the students can keep a check on. Given how innovative the learning experience is, it isn’t surprising that this web-based educational platform has gained immense popularity in a short period.

The best thing about Docsity is the flexibility of learning. From the resources to the examinations, everything is completely in the hands of the learner. This means that there are no restrictions as to when and where the students take their exams.

Most of the curriculum and the resources that are shared on Docsity are in alignment with what’s taught at the University of Michigan – College of Education. So, you are assured of the fact that none of the resources or learning material is subpar, which is quite promising, to say the least.

What are some good Alternatives for Docsity?

In case Docsity isn’t available where you live or you aren’t content with the platform, there are some equally competitive alternatives for the platform that you can consider looking into. All of them are worth the time and have equally revoking content that you won’t regret indulging in at all.

Let us walk you through our top three top alternatives for Docsity:

  • Course Hero

When it comes to the uninterrupted learning experience, nothing beats Course Hero. The platform has been around for years, if not a decade. With over 20 million available courses on the platform, it allows students to have direct access to amazing study materials aligned with their courses and the learning experience.

Not just professional educators, the platform also hosts amazing students who share their resources to help others out. So, if you are interested in something similar, we’d highly recommend looking into Course Hero as an alternative to Docsity.

  • Academia.edu

With over 150 million users on its platform, Academia.edu is a beast of a platform. Like Docsity, it is a global educational platform that provides users easy access to learning materials, courses, and resources that they would need to graduate without any compromise. Since it is a registered company, users won’t have to worry about the reliability factors at all.

The interested users have to register on the platform and create their profiles to have access to the educational material and the resources. 

Also, the website is like social media but for the students to share their educational resources, notes, and study materials. It is a fun experience and a great way to meet other students studying similar courses like you.

  • StuDocu

Most similar to Docsity, StuDocu is a solely student-focused online website that allows students to come together, share their resources, and also connect with fellow students to conduct group study sessions. One unique feature of StuDocu is that it allows students to sell their prior university essays and assignments and make money off of them. StuDocu pays the students directly for them.

If you are from the Netherlands, StuDocu is a platform that you can blindly rely on. So, if you want a native and high-quality educational platform for college students that’s similar to DocSity, we’d recommend looking into this as a better option.


1. Is Docsity available globally?

Yes, Docsity is a global platform that also supports over 9 languages wherein the students can access the data in their favorable language for easy access.

2. Is Docsity free?

Yes, Docsity is a free website wherein students don’t have to worry about paying anything to be able to access the data on the platform. However, they have a unique point system to enhance the visitors on the platform.

3. Can I share my resources on Docsity?

Once you have registered and logged into Docsity, you can go ahead and share your resources and study material for other students to access.


Docsity is one of the fastest evolving educational platforms that you can consider looking into. This online learning platform allows the students to share their notes, lectures, study materials, and educational resources for other students on the platform to access. Also, the platform isn’t just limited to college students, professors, educators and business professionals are also part of the platform.