17 Best Einthusan Alternatives to Watch Free Movies & TV Shows

South Asian movies and TV shows are popular across the world. This includes the famous Indian shows that everyone wants to binge-watch while living outside the country. Einthusan is a famous streaming and movie download platform that allows you to watch your favorite South Indian movies without any hassle.

Besides Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies, Einthusan is also a pretty amazing platform to watch other regional language content. You can seamlessly stream your favorite content without any hassle at all. 

However, the biggest issue with Einthusan is the fact that it’s not verified. This means that the available content on this platform is taken from third-party websites. So, don’t be surprised if the website gets banned now and then.

This post will walk you through some of the best Einthusan Alternatives that you can use to watch free movies and TV shows.

What is Einthusan?

Einthusan is a popular and free movie and TV shows a streaming platform that specializes in Indian movies and shows. You can find a diversity of content available on the platform, especially including regional language content, including Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali and a host of other regional languages.

Besides the standard and popular shows and movies, Einthusan also offers the users a wide variety of options in terms of the underrated content that you normally won’t come across on television.

Also, since the website gets its content from third-party sources, there are higher chances of it getting banned or restricted. They also publish copyrighted content and pirated content, which is another reason why you need to keep the alternatives lined up.

Despite the website is free, it is often overcrowded with a lot of ads, which can affect the streaming process. Accidentally clicking on a random ad can also risk the safety of your device against malware, which is a big downside too.

What are some of the best alternatives to Einthusan?

Einthusan is banned in several states and countries for posting copyrighted content. They do come up with replacement websites or mirror websites now and then but even those are very easily banned. 

So, if you live in an area where Einthusan is banned or restricted, we’d recommend that you keep a check on one of the following alternatives instead.

1. FMovies

Mimicking a lot of Einthusan’s features, FMovies is a website you won’t regret indulging in. The genre, quality and availability of content are very similar to Einthusan, which makes it an ideal choice. You can access a series of diverse content on the platform, including old and new movies and TV shows.

Besides the content, the user interface of the website is promising too. You can either stream the content or directly download it in HD or 4K quality. The only difference to this platform is that it requires you to sign up to be able to access the free content.

2. Putlocker

Although Putlocker has a bad reputation, we would say most of it is a misconception. Putlocker is a very popular alternative that houses similar kinds of content. Besides the latest Indian movies and TV shows, you can also find a load of international movies and web series that you can stream for free.

The highlight of the website is accessibility. You don’t have to worry about signing up or even creating an account with them. Everything is available for free, so you won’t have to worry about setting up separate accounts.

3. 123Movies

If you used Einthusan mainly for South-Asian movies, 123Movies can suffice all your needs. Not only is the platform reliable, but it is also 100% free, which is a benefit you can’t forego. Popular and underrated Bollywood movies and also your favorite TV shows, you can find it all on this single website.

The layout of the website, especially with the categories, make searching for the content a lot easier. You can either directly search for movies or navigate through the different genres to watch a movie or show that piques your interest.

4. Yes! Movies

Yes! Movies is a staple among movie and web series lovers. Besides hosting all the older movies and shows, the platform is popular for hosting the latest series too. So, the web series that was released today will be made available on Yes! Movies pretty much immediately.

This puts the website at risk but if you are looking for a more advanced alternative to Einthusan, this is where you can find it. Although they release pirated versions, the quality of the movies or series is never compromised. Everything is available in HD or 4K for streaming.

5. Vumoo

Although quite an underrated platform, Vumoo makes for a good alternative to Einthusan. From Indian movies to TV shows, you can find a range of options on a single platform. Another benefit to the website is the ease of accessibility.

They have everything laid out with thumbnails on the homepage, which makes the navigation process a lot easier. You can binge-watch old classics or the newly released movies that are still running in the theatres.

6. C Movies

When talking about Einthusan alternatives, we had to talk about C Movies. The website has been around for quite a few years now and is still running strong. Despite publishing copyrighted and pirated content, C Movies manages to offer its users the latest content without any drawbacks.

You can stream your movies or TV shows or download them to watch later. The only downside to the content on this website is the lack of HD resolution. Most of them are in 720p, which can affect your viewing experience.

7. Watch Free

As the name suggests, Watch Free is another free streaming website for Indian movies, Hollywood movies, TV shows and even web series. The intuitive and accessible UI of the website makes it a winner. You do get occasional pop-up ads with the website but it isn’t intrusive, which is always appreciated.

The website is available for 100% free and doesn’t even require you to register, which is always a good thing. Also, while you are at it, be assured that the available content on the website is 1080p resolution.

8. VEX Movies

Sometimes, it is better to indulge in underrated websites than popular ones. VEX movies are one such platform. It is a packed movie and TV shows streaming website with very minimal advertisements. So, if you are worried about an intrusive streaming experience, that’s not something, you’d have to worry about with this one.

The website has a very organized layout, which is another reason why it has gained the kind of popularity that it has. Every movie and TV show comes with a high-quality thumbnail, making it easier for you to find the content you are willing to watch.

9. Look Movies

Looking for an Einthusan alternative that almost mimics the streaming quality of a paid and professional streaming platform? Well, Look Movies is a worthy choice to look into. The overall layout of the website looks a lot like the legal streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

As for the content available, it is not just diverse but very high-quality as well. You won’t ever have to complain about the resolution of the content that you are watching.

10. Go Stream

If we had to pick one website from the list against Einthusan in terms of features and functionalities, Go Stream will most definitely take the cake. It is the most similar to Einthusan, especially in terms of the available content. 

Unlike most other streaming platforms, Go Stream is completely free of advertisements, which is a benefit too. No longer will you have to close a pop-up ad that comes out of nowhere. Also, the website updates its content library every day, especially with the latest releases.

11. HotStar

When it comes to Indian movies and TV shows, we knew we had to include a few premium streaming platforms too. Disney+ Hotstar is a premium streaming platform, which means that you have the free version of the platform and the paid version.

The free version does host a lot of the old classic Bollywood and regional language movies, shows and web series that you can binge-watch. However, if you are in the mood for some exclusive content, the yearly subscription to Hotstar is definitely worth the money and hype.

12. Voot

Another paid streaming platform that serves as a legal alternative to Einthusan is Voot. The platform rose to prominence with its exclusive web series that brought in more and more people from across the globe. The app is available for both Android and iOS, which is a bonus.

Also, besides the paid version, Voot has a free version too that allows you to watch the movies and TV shows that are free and doesn’t require you to open an account with them. The ads are the bare minimum on the free version, which is quite promising too.

13. YouTube Movies

Although not our first choice, YouTube Movies is a good alternative to the existing Einthusan. The only difference is that YouTube movies are a paid platform. Moreover, you won’t get access to TV shows, especially the regional language TV shows.

So, what we’d recommend doing is taking the subscription if you are only interested in watching movies. There are no ads and also the movies are available in HD quality, which is quite promising as well.

14. Yupp TV

While we are on the topic of good Indian alternatives for Einthusan, Yupp TV deserves a mention in the list. They have been in action for quite a few years now. However, despite being a free streaming website, it is a pirated and illegal platform. So, you will find a lot of ads popping up now and then.

Besides that, their collection of movies, TV shows and even web series is quite diverse. They offer a variety of content in regional languages, making the website very inclusive and accessible to a wider range of audiences.

15. Zee5

When talking about legal alternatives for Einthusan, Zee5 is a platform that doesn’t require an introduction. The OTT platform gained recognition in 2020 and now hosts all the latest Indian TV shows, web series, and old and new movie launches.

They have a monthly and yearly subscription plan that you can consider purchasing. They don’t have a free version, so you do need to purchase the subscription to be able to access the content.

16. Box TV

For the users looking for a blend of Indian and international TV and movie content, Box TV serves its purpose. They host over 1000+ live TV channels, allowing you to keep up with the content without any lags or issues. You do get a choice between all the most popular categories of movies and TV shows to choose from, which is always a benefit.

Besides that, their subscription box is quite affordable, in case you want to avail of that for an ad-free experience while streaming.

17. Amazon Prime

Last but not least is Amazon Prime. This is another legal alternative to Einthusan. However, the biggest issue is the lack of TV shows on this streaming app. You can find your favorite movies, and even exclusive web series but Indian TV shows are very limited on this platform.

However, that doesn’t rule out the fact that Amazon Prime has one of the most diverse ranges of content. You can access a variety of Southasian content, including different regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam and even Marathi and Bengali. 


Just because Einthusan is banned or restricted doesn’t mean you can’t watch your favorite movies or TV shows anymore. Instead, we’d recommend keeping a note of all these alternatives to make your life a lot easier. We have shared a list of legal and illegal alternatives so you have a choice to pick from. Most of the platforms offer HD and 4K quality streaming experience, so your visual experience won’t be compromised.