10 ETTV Proxy & Mirror Sites in 2024 – Best ETTV Alternatives

Who doesn’t love to watch good series and movies? However, in today’s busily scheduled lives, it’s hardly possible for us to visit theatres and watch our favorite movies. We hardly can devote time to our families, considering the immense work pressure we have to bear. People usually prefer to watch some quality content sitting in one’s rooms. 

At present, the most preferred medium to entertain oneself is the internet. There are lots of movie streaming sites on the internet that serves you with good quality content in high resolution. ETTV was one such site. However, the site was shut up because it was an illegal torrent site. Luckily, there are several other sites similar to ETTV that are widely popular and still operating. If you are looking for similar sites like ETTV for a thorough movie streaming experience, you have come to the right place. 

Why do we need ETTV alternatives? 

ETTV was a popular movie streaming platform online. However, because it was a torrent movie downloading site and it was unsafe, the site was shut down recently. Torrent sites like ETTV affect the film industry because they upload pirated copies of the latest releases on their websites and people no longer visit theatres to watch movies. This causes losses to the film industry. That’s why it’s important to ban or shut down sites like ETTV.  

Now that ETTV doesn’t operate anymore, we need to find similar sites to stream movies for free at home. Below enlisted are some of its alternatives. 

Best alternatives to ETTV 

If you are looking for the best ETTV alternatives to watch and download movies online, we have you covered. This guide enlists some popular torrent movie streaming alternatives that too offer similar services free of cost. Let’s go through them one by one. 

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

The first alternative that comes to mind when talking about ETTV’s alternatives is The Pirate Bay. It’s an interesting site to stream movies and web series and download them too. This site is a torrent movie streaming site that was shut down several times but continues to operate by changing its domains. 

The site’s collection of content is endless. There are movies, comics, series, TV shows, music albums, videos, and whatnot. The contents are well categorized to allow viewers to get what they are looking for easily. The downloading speed is also great. The best part is the site allows uninterrupted streaming and downloading in high resolutions, ensuring a satisfying movie streaming experience. 

2. LimeTorrents


The next great site to watch movies and web series is LimeTorrents. There are 10 million torrent links on this site, which covers a variety of content categories and genres. There are romantic, comedy, sci-fi, and psychological movies and series in different languages like English, Hindi, South Indian, etc. You can even stream dubbed versions of the original content. Some movies also allow you to view subtitles. 

Despite what you are looking for, LimeTorrents brings it for you. Besides hosting innumerable old and new movies and web series, the site also hosts albums, games, and apps. In short, this site allows you to have thorough entertainment all day. 

If you are looking for a praiseworthy alternative to the ETTV site, make sure to check LimeTorrents. 

3. Torrentz2


The next reliable site to stream movies and other content is Torrentz2. It’s also known as Torrentz2. Here, you can find several torrent files on this site about movies and music especially. There are several categories on the homepage. Click on a suitable category that you want to stream and you get an endless list of content. 

Click on the content you want to stream and the site will redirect you to another page. You can either stream the content online or download it in high resolution and watch it offline. Torrentz2 has been in use for years now. It comes with an intuitive interface and a huge library of contents. People have been receiving satisfactory services from this site. 

4. Zooqle


Zooqle is another great alternative to ETTV. It gives a satisfying streaming experience, with its huge library of movies and web series, covering all genres. Not only are there movies and series but also software, eBooks, TV shows, etc. If you love to play games on online sites, you can play games on Zooqle too. 

The site’s intuitive interface is a major reason why people love to stream its content. The site’s contents are well categorized, which helps people find what they are looking for easily. Also, there’s a search bar where you can directly type what you are looking for. 

Users do not need to create an account or sign up to access Zooqle’s content. Simply click on its link and you will be taken to its homepage. 



The next great site that’s currently very popular among movie lovers is RARBG. It contains high-quality torrents and has been functioning for a long. 

Its site continually updates its content and keeps the most trending ones on its homepage. When you land on its homepage, you can see the top 10 most trending contents organized. You can download them as per your choice or stream them online for free in high resolution. Its collection is also commendable and 

The homepage of RARBG features a top 10 list, which is an excellent resource for discovering popular and trending content. The library is extensive and regularly updated, offering a wide range of options for users. Furthermore, the downloading speeds on RARBG are speedy, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. These factors make RARBG a highly appealing choice for those in search of a reliable and user-friendly downloading platform.

RARBG has seven different categories for downloading torrents. Various qualities of movie torrents are available. For instance, one can download content in x265; full HD, x264, and 4k. 

6. 1337X


If you are looking for high-quality torrents, you mustn’t miss 1337x. This site requires no subscription or registration. You can access this site’s content for free and enjoy streaming movies online in high resolution. People can also download their favorite movies and watch them offline. 

Not only can one get movies on 1337x but also web series, tv shows, music albums, games, and everything else. In short, if you are looking for thorough entertainment, 1337x is your go-to option. This site has been operating for quite some time now and hence a lot of people rely on its services. 

On this site, torrent links or files are updated continually. Within a few hours of a film’s release, can you get it on 1337x. 

7. TorrentGalaxy


Have you heard of the TorrentGalaxy? Since this is a comparatively new torrent movie downloading site, it’s less popular. It has a dedicated group of uploaders and an active community. Its functionality is similar to the other torrent sites. People can access its content for free, without paying any subscription fee. You also don’t need to register on this site. 

Since it’s a new site, its library is being updated. Currently, it hosts the latest, trending movies and web series. We can expect its collection to become bigger after a few months. Though TorrentGalaxy has a limited content collection, each of its contents is worth watching. 

8. YTS


YTS, otherwise called YIFY, is another top-performing platform in the world of online content downloading. It is a formidable alternative to ETTV and a great destination for those in search of classic films that are often difficult to find on other sites. With a massive collection that includes movies from a diverse range of languages and genres, YTS truly offers something for everyone. Whether you are a fan of foreign films, documentaries, action, or romance, YTS is an exceptional source for all your movie needs.

The best part is you can get the latest and well-evergreen movies here. The latest web series are also found on YTS and can be streamed and downloaded as per the viewer’s choice. Users can find over 30,000 titles on this site. Here, one can stream content in various resolutions, starting from 720k to 4k for most torrent listings. Many of the contents even have subtitles.

This site however doesn’t have a magnet link. So users have to download the torrent file first and then stream it. 

9. KickassTorrents


This is another big torrent downloading and uploading service that’s still operating widely. Here you can get torrent and meta-link downloads of the latest movies and web series. This site is a torrent search engine that uploads all kinds of torrent files. 

The site’s user interface is good. You wouldn’t face any problems while streaming its content. Also, it’s well categorized contents make it easier for people to get what they are looking for. There’s no need to create an account or register on this site. Simply click on its homepage link and you would land up there. 

10. EZTV


The site’s interface is intuitive, easy, and straightforward and hence people find it easily navigable. Because of this, people find it extremely easy to download or stream their preferred torrent file online. 

There are various resolutions by which people can stream their favorite content. Besides, you can search for your favorite movie in the search box. Once you search, you will get a drop-down menu. Click on the link that you want to stream or download. 

Are torrent streaming sites safe? 

The sites discussed in this guide are torrent movie streaming sites. Though they offer services for free, people are advised not to use them because they upload pirated versions of movies and web series without having copyright permissions. This is an illegal practice and hence browsing through such illegal torrent sites is considered to be a crime. 

Additionally, when you browse through such sites, your device can get hacked and all your confidential information can get leaked. Hence, streaming movies on torrent sites online is extremely unsafe and people should avoid continuing this practice. 

Nowadays, a lot of safe and legal movie streaming platforms have come up, that upload content with proper copyright permissions. You probably have heard of Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Hoichoi, and so on. These OTT platforms offer a safe and reliable movie streaming experience, in return for a nominal subscription fee. Therefore, it’s time to switch from streaming torrent movie sites online to using these legal and safe platforms for a safe movie streaming experience. 

Safety tips for a safe movie streaming experience 

If you are unwilling to pay the subscription fees and use legal movie streaming platforms, you must take some safety steps before browsing through illegal torrent sites. Here are some steps you must follow before streaming movies or downloading movies from any torrent site online. 

  • Download suitable VPN software on your device. You can get it from your device’s app store.
  • Install the VPN and launch it. 
  • Visit settings on the VPN app and ensure the following things are enabled: 
  1. Kill switch or network lock is enabled. 
  2. Leak protection is on 
  3. Ensure that you are using a secure VPN protocol, like OpenVPN or IKEv2. Avoid PPTP.
  • After enabling these features, it’s time to set a server location. Choose a suitable location apart from the country from where you are accessing the site. Depending upon the VPN provider, you must try to choose a closer server location, to ensure faster downloads. 
  • That’s all. Connect to the VPN network and wait for a few minutes before the connection is established properly. 

By connecting your device to a VPN network, you hide your IP address and make yourself anonymous. This prevents you from getting caught red-handed. 


By now you have a list of the best torrent movie streaming sites that you can access online. You can stream or download unlimited content from these torrent sites. We would however like to advise that these are illegal sites and shouldn’t be browsed, as it can get you into trouble. Even if you are browsing through these torrent sites, it’s important to connect your device to a VPN network and hide your IP address. Make sure you follow the safety tips to ensure a safe movie streaming experience with friends and family. 

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