Best GoGoAnime Alternatives to Watch Anime Online Free in 2024

Anime has created a rave among the younger generation in recent times. People are either too drawn to it or find it amusing to watch. Whatever side you are on, you can’t resist the fact that anime has a deep influence on the current pop culture, and rightfully so.

GoGoAnime is one of the most popular online platforms to watch and stream anime shows and series. If you are looking for a free source of entertainment, this is exactly where you get it without any compromises.

However, since the website features a lot of pirated and copyrighted content from third-party sources, it isn’t surprising that its services are often banned in certain countries. That said, we’d still highly recommend that you keep a list of all the amazing alternatives handy in case GoGoAnime isn’t operational where you live.

1. Chia Anime

Chia Anime

People say looks are deceiving and Chia-Anime is the perfect testament to that. The website does feature quite an outdated design and website layout but you can find the best kind of Asian dorama and anime on this platform like you wouldn’t have possibly expected.

Besides providing a free streaming experience, one thing about this website that stands out is the fact that it supports the Mp4 download option if you wish to watch a show offline. Also, the website is highly compatible with your laptop, smartphone, and even your smart TV for that matter.

If you want to stay connected to the website, we’d recommend following their Facebook page too since that’s quite active as well.

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2. KissAnime


KissAnime is like a household name that you will come across time and time. Not only is it one of the most popular anime streaming platforms, but it is also a pretty amazing option that comes with mobile compatibility as well. Also, the mobile version of the website is touch-optimized for easy and flexible accessibility.

Besides the diverse categories of amazing anime content, KissAnime has a separate active forum wherein users can discuss anime, and the latest shows and keep up with the fandom dynamics. It is quite a constructive space to be a part of.

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3. Animeland


Are you on the hunt for a free anime streaming website that hosts dubbed anime? If yes, we’d highly recommend checking out Animeland. It is a one-of-a-kind website with free access to all the content without needing to sign up or register on the platform. From popular and classic anime shows to the latest releases, you can find a lot of diverse anime content on this website.

Also, if you want to connect with the interactive and fun anime community via the website, we’d recommend checking out the separate chat widget that’s placed right on the corner of the screen. The website continually updates its content library, so check the New Added Animes for that.

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Most of the anime streaming websites that you come across on the internet feature an old and outdated layout, including this one. The first look at the website might make you feel like there’s not much to look into. However, the diverse and rich content library of the website is here to change your mind. From drama to action and fantasy, there’s not one category or genre of anime that you won’t find on this website.

The good thing about this website is the fact that every anime has a very detailed description underneath. This allows the users to comfortably navigate through the shows and pick and choose the ones that they think would be a better option. Users can also leave their comments on the episodes if they want.

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5. 9Anime


It is not every day that you come across a website that’s highly functional both in offering dubbed anime and anime content with subtitles. 9Anime somehow manages to score them both and still offer one of the most efficient and high-quality access to the best content that you can find out there. Overall, 9Anime is one of the best GoGoAnime alternatives – both in terms of content and layout.

Besides the layout, another factor about the website that stands out is the diverse category of content. From the staple action and drama to the offbeat and less talked about anime shows, you can find just about everything here. The search feature on the website is pretty promising too and helps you filter out your search results without any compromise.

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6. Anime Planet

Anime Planet

If you are one of those anime lovers that only restrict their viewing experience to the high-quality, streamable, and legal anime content on the internet, Anime Planet is the website for you. Instead of hosting copyrighted and illegal content, they host legal and accessible content. So, you won’t have to worry about the website getting banned or restricted where you live.

However, the legalities do restrict the content library of the website. There are quite a few different varieties of anime niches and genres but you’d get access to a good chunk of content so you don’t end up compromising the viewing experience at all. Most of the available content comes with subtitles or dubbed format.

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7. DubbedAnime


As the name of the website suggests, DubbedAnime is your one-stop destination for everything related to dubbed anime shows. This makes the website widely popular, irrespective of the genre of anime shows that you are considering watching. One positive thing about this website is its accessibility. From kid-friendly shows to adult anime shows, you can find a diverse range of content available.

One of the unique traits of the website is its subjective release schedule. What this does is allow you to stay informed when the next episode or the new show will be updated on their website. This prevents the need to continually check back on the website every day. Also, they have a lot of proxy and mirror websites that work just as efficiently.

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8. AnimeFrenzy


One of the few websites that match the aesthetics and overall design and layout of GoGoAnime is AnimeFrenzy. The website has been around for a few years, so you won’t have to worry about credibility. There are subbed and dubbed anime series on the website that users can switch back and forth on. Also, the homepage of the website is very neatly organized.

Besides its web version, the website has an Android application that users can engage with. This is perfect for individuals who aren’t particularly fond of using their laptops to watch anime shows. The dark theme of the website’s layout makes it comfortable to stream the content during the night time as well. There are pop-up ads on the website but they aren’t intrusive at all.

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9. Because. Moe

Because. Moe is one of the absolute best websites when it comes to streaming authentic Japanese anime. Finding the authentic versions and that too for free on the internet can be a tough nut to crack. However, we’d recommend that you keep your eyes peeled for this. It is a legal search engine for anime shows.

What this means is that the website doesn’t directly host all of the anime content. Instead, it provides a direct watching link to the users. People can click on the designated link or show they’d like to watch and then proceed from there. Also, the website has a dark, minimalistic theme, which makes it easy to navigate through.

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10. Crunchyroll


When it comes to talking about Anime, we just can’t miss out on Crunchyroll. The website created a breakthrough in the anime world and made it more accessible to enthusiasts. It is a versatile and holistic website that features just about every category of anime that you can think of. From the latest launches to the newly added content, you can find just about everything.

The highlight of this website that makes it stand out from the remainder of the website is the fact that it features an ad-free experience. No longer will you have to scroll through the website and get buffered with an ad in the middle of it. There is a premium version of the platform too, which you can check out.

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11. Funimation


When it comes to finding good alternatives for GoGoAnime, Funimation is a website that most people rely on. It is a legal streaming platform, which ensures that the website won’t get dismissed or banned after a few days of use. The homepage of the website is quite enticing and keeps you hooked on all the latest releases.

However, if you are confused about what to watch, we’d recommend scrolling through the categories that are present on the side of the website. All you have to do is scroll down and find the anime show or series that catches your eyes in the middle. Also, the website is accessible in 47 countries, which is quite fun.

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12. AnimeHeaven


Just like the name suggests, AnimeHeaven is everything that you need to keep yourself entertained throughout the day. The website has been around for close to a decade now, so there’s no need to worry about it getting banned or restricted out of the blue. The highlight of this website is the fact that you can find anime content that’s rare and unavailable on the other free streaming platforms.

You will find the streaming experience to be quite fun and interactive as well. Users have the option to comment at the bottom of the shows they are watching. This makes it easier for the other viewers to know what to expect from the shows.

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13. AnimeDao


AnimeDao is not just a popular alternative to GoGoAnime, it is also one of the few anime websites that offer dubbed content. They have a very minimal, neat, and easy-to-use layout that makes it accessible for the users to scroll through and watch. Also, the website has a variety of amazing series and new releases worth watching.

Also, if you are confused about what to watch at the moment, they have a unique random button generator on the website that recommends users a new shows to watch. This is perfect for indecisive people who don’t like making choices. The only downside to the website is the recurrence of pop-up ads.

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14. AnimeFreak


The last option on the list that’s worth considering is AnimeFreak. The website is home to thousands of different types of anime shows and episodes that people can scroll through and binge-watch to their heart’s content. Everything on the website is available for free, which means that you won’t have to worry about paying or registering on the website.

From anime series to movies and OVA, there is nothing that you likely wouldn’t find on AnimeFreak. Also, they are known for updating their website within a record time after the original episode’s release, which is equally fun.

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1. Is GoGoAnime available globally?

GoGoAnime is accessible in almost all countries globally. However, if a country has very strict piracy and copyright laws, then chances are that the website might be blocked or restricted in that country.

2. Is GoGoAnime a safe website?

Despite the issues with piracy and other legalities, GoGoAnime is a 100% safe-to-browse website. Not once will you have to compromise the overall user experience, which is quite promising. There is also no need to sign up, so you don’t have to share any personal information as well.

3. Should I use VPN to access GoGoAnime?

If GoGoAnime is banned in your country or you want extra protection for your personal information, we’d recommend using a reliable and paid VPN service.

4. Is GoGoAnime an illegal website?

GoGoAnime hosts pirated and copyrighted content, which means that all the content available on the website is 100% illegal. This also means that you have to be mindful of the movies you are downloading off the website. 

5. Should I access GoGoAnime using Incognito mode?

If you are worried about GoGoAnime’s safety and privacy, don’t worry because the website is 100% safe. You don’t have to solely rely on Incognito mode to view the content available on the website. You can do so without any complications.

6. Are the proxy websites of GoGoAnime working?

The main website of GoGoAnime doesn’t work in every country. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t access the website altogether. The proxy and mirror website is quite functional and enables you to watch all your favorite movies without any hassle.

7. How often is GoGoAnime updated?

GoGoAnime is updated pretty much every day or every week, depending on the content availability. The only thing you need to be mindful of is keeping up with the updates when they are sorted online. Also, most of the content update is dependent on the official updates, so keep that in consideration while waiting.


GoGoAnime is no doubt one of the absolute best free anime streaming websites on the internet. However, you can’t forego the fact that the website might be banned where you live. Having access to these alternatives comes in handy in such cases. No longer will you have to compromise on the user experience or abruptly stop what you were watching.