How To Find A Lost Nintendo Switch In Your House?

In this guide, we’ll show you how to find a misplaced Nintendo switch in your home, as well as precautions you can take to guarantee you never end up losing your Nintendo switch once more! When you use a portable electronic device, it is possible that it will be stolen. The Nintendo Switch is a commonly used device, and owners frequently take it with them. It only takes a few minutes for someone to pick it up and bring it home if it is left isolated on a table. If this has occurred to you, you may be wondering if it is possible to monitor a Nintendo Switch. Continue reading to find out what you should perform if your Switch is looted.

Find A Lost Nintendo Switch

How to Locate a Misplaced Nintendo Switch in Your Home

Unfortunately, you will be unable to track your Switch on your own. It lacks a feature similar to Apple’s Find Your Phone. There are, however, measures that can be taken to receive data regarding your Switch that the authorities can use to assist you in locating it. To begin, you’ll need to remember your serial number. If you already have a Switch, you can discover it on the back of the device, besides the USB-C port. It is also available in the console’s System Settings list. Another place to look is on the container it came in. 

If you have the carton and your Switch has indeed been looted, the serial number can be found on the lower part of the box. If your Switch was stolen and you just do not have the carton or serial number, you could perhaps attempt the shop where you purchased it. The serial number should be connected to the payment. If your Switch is stolen, you must do everything possible to locate your serial number. Or, for more guidance: 

How to Locate a Misplaced Nintendo Switch

On the Package of the Device

What Should You Do With Your Serial Number?

The serial number is important because it allows you to contact Nintendo customer service. They will not be responsible for tracking your device, but they will be able to see when somebody else linked to the Web and what IP address they were using. One of the first and most important steps is to notify Nintendo and discuss the problem with your Customer Support team. You can get in touch with them by dialing 1-800-255-3700. 

We don’t know what Nintendo could do with the framework now that it has the code; it’s possible that it can disable the game’s online features or simply disconnect your profile from the machine. The IP address identifies the city in which the device is located. Once you have this relevant data, you can provide it to the police officers who are investigating your case. If you haven’t already done so, now is the moment. You should tell the cops about the device’s appearance, any unique characteristics, any games that came with it, as well as the serial number. If your Nintendo record is linked to the gadget, make sure to disable it as soon as possible. You wouldn’t want the thief to charge you for games on top of trying to steal your Switch. 

What Should You Do With Your Serial Number

Is It Possible To Track A Switch?

The Nintendo Switch lacks any features that allow for direct tracking, which can be inconvenient if your Switch has been taken away. However, Amazon sells an aftermarket traceability option for the Switch. This item is known as Tile Mate, and it is a Bluetooth tracking system that can locate a variety of items, including your Switch. It is an easy fix that costs around $20. When you’re using the device, it creates a connection to your Switch. 

The App is available for iOS and Android, and it works with Amazon Echo, Siri, Google Assistant, as well as other smart home alternatives. You can discover your Switch and play audio if it is conveniently close. If it’s a little further ahead, you can use the app to find its latest location. If anyone has your Switch but is still near the area, you can use Bluetooth to locate it. If it is a long distance away, they have a characteristic where you can incorporate the assistance of the Tile system. 

Consumers who are within the Bluetooth scope of your gadget will receive a message. This tracking system is a great alternative because it can provide you with some peace and quiet by allowing you to track your Switch if it is nicked. Or, for more guidance: 

Is It Possible To Track A Switch?

Is it Possible to Disable a Confiscated Nintendo Switch?

If your Switch has been forcibly taken, you can disable it. You will need a Nintendo profile, which you can create by signing in. Once you’ve logged in, proceed as follows:

  • Go to the Shop Menu.
  • Select Deregister Primary Console.
  • Enter your passcodes and press OK.
  • Then, click Deregister to verify the deactivation.

It is significant to mention that you can only disable your Nintendo Switch once per year in this manner. You can disable it from the PlayStation at any time, but then you can only access the website once per year. Or, for more information.

How to Check to Help Ensure Your Switch Isn’t a Purloined Item

When purchasing a Switch online, you should ensure that it has not been stolen. Regrettably, some people sell illegal property, so you must exercise caution. Luckily, you can find out if you already have the serial number. You should contact Nintendo Support to ensure that the Switch has not been reported as stolen. Make certain that the serial number fits the serial number on the authentic wrapping. Getting two different figures is a red flag. Finally, you can contact your local police station and inquire whether anyone has mentioned a Switch with your serial number as robbed. 

Obtain the serial number before purchasing if at all possible. It shouldn’t be an issue if the sale is valid, and you’ll save yourself the difficulties of purchasing a stolen Switch. The Switch’s serial number can be found on the lower part of the box and on the lower part of the left side of the controller. These figures must be the same. 

If you purchase the Switch without the authentic packaging, you might not be successful in finding out, and some folks actually throw the wrapping away. Check that the Switch does not have someone else’s profile saved on it. If it does, request that the seller disable it so that you do not encounter any issues. People do sell plundered Switches, but then you can take precautions to ensure that yours is genuine. Or for more guidance.

What Can I Do If I Accidentally End up Losing My Switch Game?

You won’t be able to find your Switch Game if you end up losing it. If you played it on a PlayStation, your success will be stored, but you will be unable to carry on playing until you substitute the game cartridge. You will be likely to progress with your stored game after you replace it. 

If you end up losing your game cartridge since your Switch was stolen with it, you will not be able to recover your progress unless you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Your league will be stored in the cloud in that particular instance. If you don’t have this facility, you’ll lose all of your headway and have to start from scratch once you get a fresh Switch as well as a game. For more guidance: 


1. What is the best way to find a lost Nintendo Switch?

If you have lost your Nintendo switch at home, the easiest way to track it is by using a GPS tracker. However, if it’s stolen or you have lost it somehow and can’t seem to remember the last place you left it in, we’d recommend that you keep the serial number written down somewhere. If you have the serial number, you can directly contact Nintendo’s support team and have them track it down for you.

2. Can you track down a Nintendo Switch?

Unlike most electronic devices that come with an in-built tracker, a Nintendo Switch doesn’t come with one. However, their serial number is a unique ID for the device and can come in handy when you wish to track it if you have lost it. What you have to do is directly contact Nintendo’s support team and have them track their database to find where it could be.

3. How do I deactivate a stolen Switch?

Irrespective of whether you have lost your Switch or someone has stolen it, we’d recommend deactivating it immediately to prevent future usage. For deactivating, you need to select the user that’s linked with your Nintendo Account under the primary console. Once you find the user, you need to tap on Deregister and it will be deactivated immediately.

4. What happens if I lost my Nintendo Switch?

If you have somehow lost your Nintendo Switch and you can’t get your hands on it even after searching for quite a lot of time, we’d recommend that you directly contact their support team at 1-800-255-3700 for further assistance on the issue.

5. Can you put a lock on Nintendo Switch?

Yes, you can put a lock on the Nintendo Switch. All you have to do is go to the HOME menu, tap on System Settings, and click on Screen Lock. Once done, you need to enable the Screen Lock.


Knowing how to locate a misplaced Nintendo Switch in your home is critical since the Switch is a famous portable game, and it is an important product, and you must take precautions to prevent losing or having it stolen. It does not come with a GPS tracker, but you really should enroll the serial number to Nintendo as soon as possible after purchasing it, and you can get other surveillance equipment to help you to find it if it suddenly disappears. 

Verify the serial number of a Switch prior to actually purchasing it from a third-party vendor because you would not want to purchase a missing property. It is necessary to keep in mind that the serial number is just what recognizes each Switch, and registering yours increases your chances of recouping it.