How To Find AirPod Case: Try All These Possible & Tested Methods

Have you lost your AirPods case and is it driving you crazy? Are you searching for blogs and videos which can help you generate ideas to find them? You can now rest assured as we have come up with some best solutions which can find your AirPods for you.

The simplest way to find the AirPods is by going to the “Find my iPhone” application on your device and then playing loud music. But, there can be difficulties as the case cannot play sounds at all, so the next idea can be to go with the green dot which appears on the side of AirPods on the application of Find my iPhone and you will know your case is nearby somewhere.


If these tricks don’t help much, don’t lose hope as this article will take you through more such ideas which will surely help in finding your AirPod case. Let’s dig in and make notes of what you find might help you get lucky.

Finding the AirPods case 

How Can One Search For An AirPod Case?

You can trace your AirPod case on the iPhone application named “Find my iPhone”. This will work for Mac users who have the macOS Mojave version. For users having the MacOS Catalina version, they can use the “Find My” application. This won’t play any music when the case is lost with the AirPods. However, the pairing of the AirPods case on the device will locate the case if it’s within a detectable range. The below-listed steps will help you to enable this system.

  1. On your device, activate the Find My iPhone app.
  2. Look at the list of devices you’ve linked with your iPhone and choose AirPods from the drop-down menu.
  3. Examine your AirPods on the device to see whether they have a green light beside their name.
  4. If there’s a green dot, that signifies the case is close by.
  5. If you notice a gray dot alternatively, that signifies your AirPods case isn’t with you. It is out of reach if the light is gray.
  6. Tap the play music tab for the green dot to listen to loud sounds on your AirPods and follow them by tracking the song.
  7. If you’re offline, hit the Car symbol to discover where your AirPods were last seen.

Although having the AirPods within the case as well as online is the perfect situation since it would make it easy to discover them quickly, another navigating option might be fairly successful with some luck in your favor.

How Can One Search For An AirPod Case With AirPods Inside?

Having lost one of your princely possessions can hurt you a lot because they might have often acted like your friend during long journeys, etc. However, you don’t have to be worried if you have lost both the Airpods and the case together. There are higher chances of you finding them if the Airpods are in the case itself. The steps mentioned below will assist you in finding the same.

  1. Launch the Find My iPhone application on your apple device.
  2. Select the choice with your AirPods from the list of options you’ve linked with your iPhone.
  3. There will be a play button beside the name if it has a green dot beside it.
  4. To locate your AirPods, press the play button and it will begin playing music. Turn up the volume to the maximum setting and track the sound and you will eventually reach your AirPod case.

This trick will only work when the AirPods are on the online mode and when they are in range for you to see the green light on the phone. But if they are offline, you might get panicky as it worsens your chances to find them. Well, don’t worry at all, the below-listed steps will help you to search for cases and Airpods when they are in offline mode. There is a new feature installed on the “Find my iPhone” application that will track down the last online location of the AirPod case.

  1. To begin, launch the Find My application and choose AirPods from the drop-down box on the left-hand side of the page.
  2. A gray dot indicates that the AirPods are not connected to the Web. Regardless, you’ll be able to see where you’ve placed it last. Tap the Car symbol to return to their former location. Once AirPods are turned off, you won’t be able to listen to music.
  3. Finally, after you’ve found your AirPods, you can go yourself and hunt for them once you have tracked the last location.

Assuming you don’t have your iPhone device with you at that time, you may look for AirPods on Registering into your profile as well as navigating to the Devices area can help you find your AirPods.

How Can One Search For AirPods’ Cases?

It’s similar to looking for your AirPods, only you’ll need some luck. It’s simpler to identify the AirPods case when both earphones are inside the box, however one could still use Apple’s iCloud to help you to find it. To locate the AirPod case, follow the instructions below.

  1. Select the AirPods from the menu of associated devices in the Find My iPhone app.
  2. They’re offline if you notice a gray dot. You will, however, be able to follow their last known whereabouts. Tap the Car button to return to their former location.
  3. As you only lost the box, you will have to look for no AirPods inside, you’ll have to explore the area thoroughly and hope to discover them.

How Can One Find The AirPod Case With The Help Of Serial Numbers?

It is unfortunately sad but it is not possible to track the AirPod case with the serial numbers. You can at the most get a replacement by using the serial number but not your AirPods. For replacement, you can contact the Apple store with the help of your serial number and ask them about the replacement procedure.

How Can One Find Their AirPods With The Assistance Of iCloud?

Losing AirPods is aggravating enough, but if you misplace them and don’t even have your Apple device to locate them down with the Find My iPhone application, it can be scary.   

Fortunately, there is a workaround. You may view the very last location of the AirPods by logging into your Apple profile on its website from any gadget. follow the steps mentioned below to use this alternative.

  1. Go over to the Find My iPhone portion of the iCloud webpage on your smartphone.
  2. Log in with the Apple Username and password (if you have numerous Apple IDs, pick the one that’s associated with your AirPods).
  3. Enter your Apple credential passcode immediately.
  4. Select your AirPods from the menu list under All Devices.
  5. Under the device, the previous whereabouts of each gadget are indicated which is on offline mode.

How To Track Down An AirPod Case Using An Outdated Find My iPhone App?

You might be having your Apple credentials on your older iPhone model with an outdated Find My application. Luckily, you can still monitor your missing AirPods with the old Find My app. Simply follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Start the Find My iPhone app, go through the list of linked devices, and then touch on the title of your AirPods.
  2. As fast as you press the username, a map will pop up, indicating your cordless earbuds’ most recent position.
  3. Remember to check for the green dot before tapping the name of the AirPod. A green dot indicates that the gadget is nearby, but a gray dot indicates that the item is unavailable. The former app also displayed a blue dot to indicate the gadget you’re using to monitor your AirPods.
  4. In the Find My app, hit the Actions option once you’ve arrived at the place.
  5. If the AirPods are connected to the internet, press the Play Sound button to hear the music. If you’re offline, you may manually search for the place.

How To Search For AirPods With Other Common Concerns?

Users who misplace their AirPods face a variety of circumstances. A few of them wind up misplacing their AirPods or encountering some other unusual difficulty that prevents them from locating their AirPods. in this article itself, we have mentioned all these concerns.

What If The AirPods Go Missing In Many Places?

If your AirPods aren’t in the container, you can view only one AirPod position at a time. Detects any AirPod while using the mapping or audio. After you’ve spotted it, be careful to place it in its AirPod storage case. Restart the Find My application and look for other missing AirPod.

What If I Just Misplaced One AirPod?

If you’ve only lost one pair of AirPods, start with the one that’s still in the case. When the AirPods are separated, the map shows one position at a time. For such a purpose, you must retain the one AirPod you already Have in its case. Identify the AirPod by touching its username in the Find My App. Whenever the AirPod is detected, a sound will be played. To play audio, use either the conservative or liberal AirPod (whichever one is absent). When you’re using iOS 12’s Find My iPhone app, you may use it to muffle the AirPod that is already within the cover so that you can hear and track the audio produced by the lost AirPod.

How Do I Find The AirPods If They Are Stolen?

Regardless of whether you have the Find My Function turned on or off; if your AirPods are stolen, somebody may easily reset and link them to their own iPhone and Apple ID. Rebooting and repairing your AirPods with a remote device eliminates their whereabouts from the Find My app as well as their listing in your list of devices. Even though the AirPods are close, you would no longer be able to enable the buzzing sound, update their position, or track them after they have a new owner but have been connected to their handset and Identification.


1. Is there a way of finding an AirPods case?

If you have misplaced your Airpods case, the easiest way to trace them back is by using the Find My app. It is very functional and allows you to find Apple products depending on their location, so you can pinpoint them in their exact position.

2. How do I Find My lost AirPod case offline and dead?

If your Airpod case is offline and dead, the only way to find them is using the last recorded location in the Find My app. Once you find the location, you can navigate to that spot to see if they are available there or not.

3. What do I do if I lost my AirPod case?

If you have lost your Airpod case and you have Apple Care, you can get a free replacement directly from Apple. However, there are some terms and conditions you should clarify before that.

4. How do I charge my AirPods without a case?

There are no additional ways to charge your Airpods without a case. So, if you have misplaced or lost them, you won’t be able to charge them unless you get a replacement case for the same.


Losing your AirPods or even the case is a horrible experience. To start with, you should be cautious to avoid losing or misplacing them. But even if you lose them now, you need not panic as referring to this article of ours will help you find hope before and eventually the AirPods.

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