Your 2022 Guide On How To Find Your 4 Digit Code On Your TV

A 4 digit TV code is usually useful for pairing up a universal remote control when you have lost the old remote of your TV or it has stopped working. This code can be used to program the new remote with your TV. Universal remote controls have the advantage that they can control audio and video functions of various brands as well as models of different numbers. 

However, you might have forgotten the code if you have been using the old remote for a very long time or might not have known about it in the first place if the old remote was programmed with your TV by someone else or a service provider. Thus, you need to first find your 4 digit code before proceeding on to programming. 

How To Find Your 4 Digit Code On Your TV

It is usually suggested that the code is entered manually. However, that is a time-taking method. An easy alternative to this is entering brand-specific TV codes. You can also program your TV in the absence of a code. Wondering how to find your 4 digit code in order to use your universal remote control? Read further to understand how universal remotes work and easy steps for finding the code. 

How Does A Universal Remote Work?

Universal remotes can be categorized as multi brand remotes or learning remotes. Out of these, multi-brand remotes are preprogrammed with certain codes which can operate some standard electronic devices. Thus, using these implies that you save a lot of time that you otherwise would have wasted in entering several complex codes yourself. Multi Brand remotes can be used for managing around four electronic devices but they can only control certain limited main functions which include volume control or changing the channel. 

On the other hand, learning remotes are preprogrammed in a way that allows them to operate various in-demand electronic models. As the name suggests, they can ‘learn’ the functions of the remote of the original manufacturer. All you have to do is place the new universal remote and the original remote facing each other in a head-to-head manner and this will transmit the infrared signals from the original remote to the new universal remote. Thus, the universal remote takes on the old remote’s commands. 

Universal Remote

Learning remotes also have the advantage that they can also pick up the commands of any newly launched electronic commands. Certain multi brand remotes can be programmed in a manner that allows them to operate some new devices depending on the model of the remote. 

When talking about universal remotes, learning remotes have an advantage over multibrand ones because their operation entails a wider range of electronic devices. However, multi-brand remotes cost less than learning ones because they are relatively simpler. There are also some other types of universal remotes such as PC-programmable remotes, RF remotes, and even LCD touch-screen remotes. Some electronic devices which can be operated using universal remotes include DVDs/VCRs, CD changers, amplifiers, laserdisc players, and more. 

How To Find Your 4 Digit Code On Your TV?

There are different ways through which you can find your 4 digit code to pair up your TV with the universal remote control. These methods are listed below. 

1. Refer to the Manual of the Remote 

The first step to finding the 4 digit code is having a good look at the user manual which comes with the universal remote control. Consult the user manual and on it, look for your brand and then check the model. There will be a 4 digit code mentioned in the table which will be the code that you are looking for. At times, some codes are also mentioned on certain papers which are provided along with the manuals. Make sure to check the manual as well as the papers thoroughly. 

2. List of 4 Digit Universal Remote Control Codes

You can also refer to the list which is mentioned below to find your 4 digit TV code. The list given below mentions some 4 digit codes of a few specific brands. However, if you do not find your brand here, you can refer to another list that is more comprehensive. The codes mentioned below are the ones you can use for setting up your remote to the TV. 

Brand of Television 4 Digit Codes
Abex 0032
Aiwa 0701
Altice USA 1111, 0821, 0001
America Action 0180
Belcor 0019
Blue Star 0282
Brockwood 0019
Chun Yun 0000, 0003, 0009
Crown 0180, 0039
Denon 0145, 0511
Fisher 0049, 0110, 0268, 0180
Hitachi 1004
Kenwood 0004, 0009
KTV 0053, 0014, 0021, 0042
LG 0050, 0005, 0227
Mitsubishi 0005, 0151, 0051, 0004
Panasonic 0171, 0148, 0054
RCA 0031, 0004, 0100
SAMSUNG 0105, 0077, 0076
Samsung 0019, 0618, 0644
Sharp 0079, 0123, 0063
Sky 0037, 0282, 0556
Toshiba 0159, 0178, 0120
Zenith 0121, 0009, 0091

3. Use the Remote to Automatically Search for the Code

You can also use your remote to automatically search for the 4 digit universal code for programming the TV and remote. This is an easier alternative but is more time-consuming and can be performed once all the TV codes have been exhausted. You can follow the steps given below to use the remote for automatically searching for the code:

  1. Locate the Power button on your television set which you have to pair with your remote and press the button.
  2. Take up the manual of the remote and search for the code which can be used for the remote to enter in Search mode. You can also look up this code online if you do not possess the manual. 
  3. Press and hold on to the SETUP button and use the keypad of the remote to enter the particular code.
  4. After this, press and hold the Power button. Continue holding on to it and along with it press the Channel Up button until the device gets switched off.

After you complete all these steps, your remote is set up and you can check its functioning by using the buttons to ensure that the remote is working with the TV.

4. Alternatives

If you are unable to find your 4 digit code, you can also contact your manufacturer for the same. It is better to ask for the whole list of codes of your TV’s brand so that you can check up multiple codes and choose the one which works. The manufacturer might also ask for the model number of your new remote which you can easily find on the back of the remotes or inside the battery compartment. 

Another way is to check the code on the Internet. If your TV is of a brand other than those mentioned in the list given above, you can look up brand-specific codes online or you can also look for some non-brand-specific codes in case your model is an unbranded one.  

How Can You Program A Universal Remote Even Without Your 4 Digit Code? 

Even when you do not have your 4 digit TV code, there is a way with which you can still program your TV with your universal remote control. For this, you will need your old universal remote and this requires you to manually program the TV. Follow the steps given below to program without a code:

  • Step 1: Keep the Remotes Facing each other 

Take your old remote and put fresh batteries in it. After this, keep the old and the new remotes in such a manner that they are facing each other. Ensure that both the LED lights face towards each other and put the remotes together closely. 

  • Step 2: Find the Code for Manual Programming 

Find the universal TV code for your remote which allows you to program manually. You can look for it in the original manual. The manual will have a reference table. Here, look for the brand of your TV and your model number. If you are unable to locate it in the manual, you can search for it on the internet, or contact the model’s manufacturer. 

  • Step 3: Enter the Code 

Locate the SETUP button on your new remotes and press it. Use the keypad to enter the TV codes for manual setup. Each time that you press a key, it should light up the LED button. This is common but not always necessary. 

  • Step 4: Begin Programming

After the code has been entered, it is time to begin programming. Press the keys which you want to program on the new remote. Simultaneously press on the corresponding keys of the old remote. You can press and then hold on to the buttons for some time. Once the preference is recorded, it can be verified from the LED on the old remote. The process should be repeated for each key/button on the new remote which has to be programmed. 

  • Step 5: Finish the Process 

Once the above-mentioned step is complete, you can finish the process by pressing the SETUP button on your new remote. This finishes the manual programming. Once done, press a key or two to check if the new remote is working well. 


1. How do I find my 4-digit code on my TV??

If you are sitting there confused about the 4-digit code, wondering where it’s available, we’d recommend navigating to the user manual that comes with the remote. That should have the code or at least the placement of the code.

2. What is the 4-digit code for Samsung TV?

Like most of the other smart TVs in the market, the 4-digit code for Samsung TV is 0000. You can comfortably change it later once you get the TV in your possession.

3. Where can I find the Android TV code?

Finding the Android TV code can be a little bit complicated. You might need to download the individual app for the smart TV and then navigate to the settings to find the code that works on the television.

4. Where do I find my Smart TV device ID?

If you are using any other smart TV except for Android or Google TV, we’d recommend heading over to System Settings or Product support to find the Smart TV device ID. There, you might also find the relevant activation or TV code you need to watch your shows on the device.


To sum up, even though it is hard to find your 4 digit code for setting up the universal remote with your TV, it is not impossible. You can try different methods such as looking up the manual, searching for the code online, or enabling automatic search for the code using the remote. It is recommended that you always look up brand-specific codes. You can then manually enter the code and program the remote with your TV and then enjoy browsing the channels for your favorite content. 

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