How To Find Your Spotify Wrapped 2022

If you have ever pondered how frequently you hear a particular musician, track, or type of music? You can discover it if you already own Spotify at the end of every year. Spotify Wrapped, which is a compilation of your listening habits, is displayed in the application itself.

Spotify Wrapped, the yearly Spotify function that exposes your bad selection of music, has been introduced, and there is a range of methods to see the annual playlist. Spotify’s Spotify Wrapped function, which tells Spotify subscribers what songs they tuned to during the year, is released every year. The wrapped parameter defines listening statistics, makes compilations of your favorite tracks, and makes us feel nostalgic about the year before.

Posting Spotify Wrapped so that your pals could see what you enjoy the most has now become incredibly active on social media platforms. So, how do you search for it, see it for yourself, as well as share it? This article will tell you everything you need to know about Spotify Wrapped.

Find Your Spotify Wrapped

Purpose of Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped is a promotional piece of the music streaming service. In 2016, the campaign was launched yearly in early December, allowing Spotify customers to examine a collection of statistics about their activities on the service during the previous year and encouraging them to post it on social networking sites.

The five artists a user has played the most, the tracks they’ve listened to the most, and their favourite music genres have all previously been featured in Spotify Wrapped. Producers of Spotify allow accessibility to a variant of Spotify Wrapped that shows how many times their material has been played over the year. Spotify Wrapped offers data about activities on the Spotify service overall, in addition, to customizing data.

Whilst Spotify Wrapped is generally alluded to as a yearly collection of data, it only registers new activity from January 1 to October 31 of each year.

Every year, Spotify Wrapped is extensively posted on social media, resulting in millions of users promoting Spotify on various social media pages. Its annual release in early December, which is swiftly followed by posters and tv commercials, has traditionally been linked to an increase in Spotify’s app store rating. The particular strategy has been lauded and chastised for effectively giving Spotify free promotion, and it’s been addressed concerning bigger problems regarding information and Spotify’s use of these.

How To Find Wrapped On The Spotify Account

You can locate your Spotify Wrapped by heading to the Spotify portal designed to exhibit your presentation, which you can view from every gadget as far as you’re registered into the Spotify profile about which you want to watch your full presentation.

Throughout the year offer, you can also discover your Spotify Wrapped on your Spotify stream on the smartphone application. It really should show up as a series of tracks depending on the song you’re playing. You may see the complete Wrapped series by clicking on the name of this series. To locate your presentation, go to the top banner. 

If you still can’t locate this in the application, go to the bottom bar, then hit the searching symbol. Scroll to the bottom to locate the carry button. You may also look for “(Year) in packaging” on Google and that should come up.

How To Share That Wrapped Spotify

It’s simple to display Select bits of the Wrapped to send to your colleagues or to post them on social networking sites. It just relies on the technique you choose to examine the Wrapped.

A Share button will be located at the end of each screen if you’ve used the Spotify application on your phone. Once you hit here, you’ll be ready to share the presentation with a variety of additional sites. If you want, you can share these straight with your pals by clicking More. You could also choose Copy Link to give the link to others.

You can follow this video guide as well to know more about the procedure. 

How To Locate Your Previous Spotify Account

Regrettably, prior Spotify Wrapped articles are no longer accessible as they’re only valid for a limited time every year. You’ll normally be able to discover your Wrapped in mid – December and won’t be able to access it again until early January.

How To View And Share That Spotify Wrapped Collection

Previous Spotify Wrapped albums may still be found, regardless of the date. Those would be the albums Spotify makes depending on your favorite songs from the previous year. Go over to the search results page on Spotify and type the year of the album you wish to view. It will then show at the top of the search results.

What Is The Process Of Creating Spotify Wrapped?

Each year, from 1st January to October 31st, Spotify monitors your playing behavior to produce bundled content. Tracks, records, musicians, as well as categories that you played on the profile, are included.

To qualify for Wrapped, you must establish a Spotify account before November 1st of that year, play to at least 3 – 4 musicians, 30 tracks, and spend at least 1 hour listening to music on Spotify. It’s possible that you won’t see Spotify Wrapped since your profile is too fresh but you’ve not played too much music.

You might discover that your Spotify Wrapped listening habits are not something you anticipated. There could be various reasons for this to be taken into account. 

  1. It might be if your Spotify subscription is being used by friends or relatives.
  2. If you haven’t listened to Spotify in a long time. 
  3. Whether you’ve enabled people to add tracks to your playlist that you are currently making on your subscription; all of these factors might influence how your Spotify Wrapped turns out.
  4. Furthermore, if you’ve migrated your data into the new profile for whatever reason, your music listening record will be restored as quickly as you create an account.

To construct your Wrapped, all information regarding your Spotify viewing habits will be gathered and evaluated starting on October 31st. Spotify compiles a collection of your favorite tunes from the previous year, ranked from most famous to lowest rated.

When Will Spotify Wrapped Be Released?

The Spotify Wrapped collection for 2021 is now available. Spotify customers may access their great names, tracks, and the most music by logging into the service today, according to Spotify. Below is what the Spotify Wrapped album will show you following and will also allow you to customize it. 

Your personalized Wrapped adventure now includes numerous all-new characteristics concerning your favorite bands, categories, music, and podcasts, as well as the time, listened:

  • 2021: The Film — In this function, your favorite music is paired with great sequences from a film about yourself.
  • Your Audio Horizon – Depending on the two top music themes, they collaborated with an energy specialist to illustrate your audio halo. 
  • Playing Cards — This is an immersive, information game that you may play with your pals and afterward share with them. They showcase several declarations about one having to listen in the year and you will have to assume that is accurate.


1. Is there Spotify Wrapped 2022?

Much like every year, there is a Spotify Wrapped available for 2022 as well. If you listen to your music on Spotify, you can find the wrap available in the app when you open it. It’s pretty much on the homepage, so you shouldn’t miss it.

2. Why can’t I see my Spotify Wrapped story?

If you can’t find your Spotify Wrapped story on the app, we’d recommend opening the link on your mobile browser it will redirect you to the app from there and you should be able to find your Wrapped story.

3. Is Spotify Wrapped only for premium?

Spotify wrapped 2022 is available for both free and premium users. So, even if you don’t have the premium version, you won’t have to worry much because the Wrapped should pop up right on the homepage of the app when you open it.

4. Do free accounts get Spotify Wrapped?

Yes, even free accounts on Spotify get their annual Wrapped story. If you can’t find it, we’d recommend checking out via Also, the Wrapped is only available on the app, so that’s another factor you have to keep in mind when accessing it.

The Bottom Line

During Spotify Season, in December, the music streaming company gives each subscriber the top five musicians, top five tracks, and top five records of the year. The overall amount of views during January and November had been used to calculate this. When a client plays a piece of music for at least 30 seconds, it is classified as streaming. Wrapped playlists on Spotify racked up over 3 billion listens in 2019. In December, the advertising campaign was started with at least 1.2 million tweets, as per Twitter. During the first half of December 2020, the campaign raised Spotify’s mobile application installations by 21%.

Spotify has done something really rare. Each year, it has started to produce a true cultural phenomenon, a day because everyone on the web appears to be thinking about the same subject. Its users have stated that December can be regarded as the month of nostalgia or the cozy time of Wrapped where one can get inside his blanket amidst the cold breeze and enjoy the happy moments of the year. The best part about Spotify Wrapped is that it is available to premium as well as free Spotify users. This article will help you get a better understanding of the function and will also act as your guide to searching for your Spotify Wrapped lists every year.

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