iPhone Users Experiencing Battery Drain Issues After Updating to iOS 15.4

Several users tweeted about facing battery drain issues on their iPhones, after updating to the new iOS 15 updates.

If you have recently installed iOS 15.4 on your iPhone, you are likely to experience battery drain issues on your device.

The iOS 15.4 update by Apple comes with a series of new features, including the ability to unlock an iPhone while wearing a mask.

However, many users have reported issues regarding battery drainage, after getting the latest iOS update. Several iPhone users tweeted the same on their Twitter handle to let Apple know about the issue they are facing.

According to users, the problem occurred after installing the new iOS 15 update.

Maxim Shishko, a Twitter user, posted that his iPhone’s battery is getting exhausted faster than normal after he downloaded the new iOS 15.4 update. Another user tweeted that his iPhone’s battery percentage reduced by 5% in just 10 minutes.

A Twitter user named Oded Shopen wrote that the new iOS update is killing the battery life in his iPhone 13 Pro Max. He mentioned that previously he didn’t have to charge his phone every day. But now his phone’s battery life is going down to half capacity just by mid-day.

Another user who goes by the name Joey Castillo shared his experience on Twitter. His experience is somewhat different from other users. He wrote in his tweet that after downloading the iOS 15.4 update, his battery percentage has been odd. He said that his phone battery percentage will stay stuck at 95% or 97%, but after he unplugs it, the battery percentage will show 100% after a few minutes or restarting the phone. He added that his battery is draining faster than usual.

Some users complained about their battery percentage being stuck at a particular amount even after restarting the phone several times. According to them, their phone is not showing the correct battery percentage.

However, this issue doesn’t seem to be a permanent one. An iPhone usually takes a couple of days to recalibrate, so there are chances that the battery problem will be resolved soon.

Despite all the user complaints, Apple didn’t comment anything on the issue faced by its users.

The latest iOS 15.4 was introduced earlier this week. If you have downloaded the new iOS update and facing the battery drain issue, you will have to be patient till a solution is found.

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