Best Kisscartoon Alternatives in 2023 – 17 Sites Like Kisscartoon To Watch Cartoon For Free

Cartoons are an indispensable part of our lives. We have grown up watching them and we take that liking into our adulthood too. Catering to that need, Kisscartoon is a website that has grown exponentially on the internet. Not just the staple cartoons, the platform also hosts a range of anime and animated movies that you can stream or download.

With the shift in the cartoon and animated world, most kids and even adults are consistently looking for a platform that hosts all the older cartoons and anime shows. Kisscartoon has stepped up its game and is currently offering a diversity of shows on its website.

However, since they host pirated and illegally sourced content, they are often subject to restrictions or bans. So, knowing about some of the best Kisscartoon alternatives is perfect so you don’t have to slow down your viewing experience.

What is Kisscartoon?

Kisscartoon is a free cartoon and anime streaming platform. Like most of the other free streaming platforms, the available cartoon content is not hosted on their website. Instead, they are sourced from third-party sources.

However, the website isn’t a legal website, which is a reason why they are often banned in several countries with strict piracy laws in place. If you are looking for a website but can’t seem to find it, chances are that it’s banned in your country.

Kisscartoon has a few mirror websites but even they get banned very quickly for hosting content illegally. So, your best way out of this issue is by knowing about the best alternatives to the website.

What are the Best Kisscartoon alternatives?

When looking for good and reliable Kisscartoon alternatives, we wanted to include a list of choices that are free and paid versions so you have a legal website to fall back on.

So, let us walk you through the list of the best alternatives.

1. Anime Toon

If there’s one website that mimics Kisscartoon 100%, Anime Toon is presumably the best option you’d come across. Besides the diversity of content available, the website is also pretty amazing in terms of the user interface.

You can seamlessly navigate through the website without any hassle. The search engine on the website is intuitive, further making the browsing experience a lot seamless. The highlight of the website is the kind of traction it gets every month. With over 3 million in traffic, you can imagine how good the website is.

2. Kiss Anime

For the users looking for a mix of anime and cartoons, Kiss Anime is an option you won’t regret indulging in. The organization of the website is what sets it out from the competitors. Besides the subtitles, you can also find a range of amazing dubbed content that you can make the most fun of. 

Besides that, they also give access to the old and latest content, which is again a benefit that most cartoon websites don’t provide. 

3. Crunchyroll

Since its inception in 2019, Crunchyroll has stood out as a popular name in the cartoon and anime world. It is one of the few websites that offer genuine and high-quality cartoon and anime show for you to binge-watch to your heart’s desire. Ideally, you can stream just about anything on this website, making it a premium option to look into.

Although the website does offer a free version, you can get access to more content and high-quality visuals with their premium subscription. Also, since everything is legally displayed on the website, you won’t have to worry about the streaming experience.

4. Cartoon Crazy

As the name suggests, Cartoon Crazy is perfect if you want to watch anime and cartoons with subtitles or dubbing. The website is available across all the major countries like the U.S, U.K, Canada, Australia, etc. So, if you can’t access the website from your country, we’d recommend downloading a VPN to bypass the limitation.

Touted as one of the most popular cartoon websites, it garners over 12 million monthly watchers, which is crazy. This goes to show that the popularity of anime and cartoon shows is here to stay.

5. 9Anime

Another popular and pretty similar website like Kisscartoon that is worth the money and time is 9Anime. This is one of the few cartoon websites that offer a customized viewing experience. If you have watched one show, the website provides you with a recommendation for some of the other shows you might like.

This ensures that you never run out of choices when it comes to watching anime or cartoons. Also, it is paired with the user-friendly layout and user interface makes it a worthy choice to look into.

6. Disney Junior

Well, this is the first paid website in the list that we are about to mention. This contains cartoon shows that are predominantly targeted toward the kid population. So, if you are looking for mature anime or cartoons, this isn’t your choice.

Also, the vibrant color and visuals on the platform make this an option you won’t regret indulging in at all. The library of cartoons on this platform is updated every day so that the kids have something new to watch every single day. From fun to educational, the choices are pretty diverse too.

7. Cartoons On

Would you be surprised if we mentioned that Cartoons On receives close to 5 million traffic every month? It is quite a popular website, especially because of the addition of new releases that aren’t easily available anywhere else. It is available across all the major countries, so accessibility won’t be an issue for the users.

Also, if you are looking for some of the OG old classics, Cartoons On caters to all your needs. You can stream from the website. The download options aren’t available, which is a big downside. This means that you can’t watch the shows offline.

8. Anime Rhino

Kisscartoon is an amazing platform for anime and cartoons and if you are looking for something similar, Anime Rhino is a good option. From Anime shows to movies and TV series, you can find more or less everything that your childhood self has been consistently looking for.

The best part of this website is how organized everything is. You can find different categories, genres of cartoons and anime and also a variety of kid-friendly cartoons for their fun and education. Also, the advertisements are pretty limited on the website, which is another benefit. 

9. Watch Cartoon Online

If the name of the website wasn’t a giveaway, Watch Cartoons Online is hands down one of the best websites that you can consider as an alternative to Kisscartoon. Besides adults, the content on this website is kid-friendly too. Besides the fact that the website is updated regularly, the user interface is on point as well. 

Even the advertisements available on the website are kid-friendly. So, you can comfortably open the website and allow your kids to stream the content without getting side-tracked. Besides the cartoons, the website is updated with all the latest anime shows as well.

10. Kim

Unlike most of the other Kisscartoon alternatives, has a slightly different and dark layout. You won’t find large thumbnails while scrolling through the website but that has benefits to it as well. The lack of images and ads makes the website efficient and highly responsive.

Along with that, the website also boasts a range of the latest movies and shows that you can comfortably binge watch. The availability of shows and cartoons is quite diverse too, which is again a benefit.


When you are scrolling through free anime and cartoon websites, the most common complication lies with the quality and resolution of the movies you are watching. Masterani solves that issue comparably well, especially with their collection of HD and HQ movies and cartoon shows.

You won’t have to compromise on the visuals at all. Besides the quality of the content, the website is pretty clean and minimalistic, which further allows the users to browse through the content without any hassle. Also, the website is 100% free and doesn’t require any extra registration, which is pretty handy too.

12. Nickelodeon

Just like Disney Junior, Nickelodeon is another great alternative to Kisscartoon that deserves a mention on the list. It is a legal website, so you won’t ever have to worry about the website being down or being banned.

The content available on the platform is primarily kids friendly. So, if you are looking for dark anime shows or adult cartoon series, you won’t be able to track those down in this one. However, if your goal is to find a good replacement for Kisscartoon which features lighthearted cartoon shows, this is a good fit.

13. Nyaa

Although quite a new website, Nyaa has stood out with its competitive content availability. From anime shows to the latest and classic cartoons, you can more or less find everything that your little heart desires. It is a public bit torrent, so the shows and the movies are downloadable as well.

In case you don’t want to stream the content and instead want to download it watch it offline, this is a great website for you to look into. Besides cartoons and movies and anime shows, you can also listen to Japanese music on the website, which is a very uncommon feature on other Kisscartoon alternatives.

14. Toonova

As underrated as the website is, Toonova has a very similar layout to Kisscartoon. Besides the OG classic cartoon and anime shows, Toonova also sports a range of the latest releases, which is again another benefit that you can’t forego at all.

Ideally, we’d recommend that you binge-watch your favorite shows with a high-quality streaming experience on this website. As for the content accessibility, the website is 100% free and doesn’t require registration. So, you can directly set up your binge-watching session right from the homepage. Also, in case Toonova is ever down, it has a range of mirror websites that you can watch from.

15. Watch Series

It is not every day that you come across a Kisscartoon alternative that has all the latest cartoon and anime series lined up. Watch Series specializes in that. If you are into anime and want to complete the different volumes without needing to search them all over the internet, this website takes care of that.

All the available shows and the series are sorted out into categories on the website, which is a pretty amazing benefit. Besides the cartoon and anime shows, you can find standard web series like Game of Thrones and Big Bang Theory on the website too.

16. Baka BT

Baka BT is a semi-private torrent that allows users to download their favorite anime or cartoon shows and watch them offline. The streaming feature on this website isn’t the best, which is a reason why we wouldn’t recommend that you try that.

Since it is a semi-private channel, you can be assured of high-quality download speeds. Also, every content updated on the website is of the highest resolution, which is again a benefit that not many Kisscartoon alternatives offer.

17. Chia-Anime

Last on the list is Chia-Anime. This is another popular Kisscartoon alternative but stands out due to a few features. Besides the fact that it has its in-built video player, the website is also accessible on multiple platforms and offers user’s high-quality videos that you won’t ever have to complain about.

The user interface of the website is quite minimal and easy to navigate. So, if you are worried about intrusive ads or lagging download speed, this website gets rid of all the issues. Besides cartoons, the website also updates the latest manga.


Kisscartoon is no doubt one of the best cartoon and anime websites available on the internet. However, since there are legal issues with the website, it is either banned or restricted in certain countries. Knowing about reliable alternatives and mirror websites can ease the process a lot. With all the best options here, you can now watch your favorite cartoon and anime shows without any glitches.