KissMovies Alternatives To Watch Free Movies With Subtitles in 2024

Watching movies is one of the most preferred sources of entertainment amongst people of all age groups. There are various genres of movies like drama, action, adventure, documentary, etc. Everyone loves watching movies and some people are just a lot into movies. Earlier, people used to visit movie theatres to watch their desired movie as soon as it was released. 

Nowadays, everybody has a busy lifestyle and people hardly get time to watch a movie in the theatre as it requires a lot of time and money. The Internet has now made it easy to watch your favorite movies by remaining in the comfort of your home. 

KissMovies is one such movie streaming website that allows you to watch many movies with subtitles. It is a very popular site with so many users from across the world. If you’re a movie enthusiast, you must have tried using this site. But, as you know this site has a lot of pirated content and that’s the reason why it stops functioning at times. You no longer have to worry if this site stops functioning as you have these alternatives to the rescue: 

1. iOMovies


iOMovies has so much to offer including a proper user interface. There is a vast collection of present motion pictures. The site is very rich in terms of both functions and features. You can watch a lot of TV series as well. It provides all the content in HD quality. You can sort the motion pictures as per many factors along with some additional features.

It is one of the most suitable alternatives to KissMovies with a lot of interesting content. There are many exciting features of this site which are reasons why users love using this site to stream all their favorite movies and TV shows endlessly. 

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2. Movie4k


Movie4k provides you with lots of TV series and motion pictures in HD quality. Movies4K has a huge collection of videos. This site allows you to stream videos in various quality ranges like 350p, 720p, 1080p, WEBCAM, DVD, and Bluray. You can use this site simply to see videos. The site is multilingual and it supports several languages. 

It has separate categories for TV shows and movies which are further sub-divided into action, drama, funny, and more. There are various categories on this site and it’s easy for users to navigate from one category to the other. This site is completely free to use. This platform supports many languages and you don’t have to worry about not being able to stream your favorite content in your local language. 

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3. YifyMovies


YifyMovies is one of the best alternatives to KissMovies. You can use this site to enjoy motion movies as well as TV series. It also provides great sorting options. There are several filters offered to the users like release year, score and categories. 

Rankings that are shown on the poster can help you determine which motion film you want to watch based on your ratings. Registration is not mandatory for you to use this site. There is just one drawback of this site and that’s popups. But, the pop ads are very few and they don’t bother you in any way. The catalog of this site is huge and it comprises documentaries, TV shows, movies, short films, animated videos, and a lot more.

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4. JustWatch 


JustWatch is not just a TV streaming platform in itself, but it is more of a place where you can find everything that can be streamed on other platforms. This means that you don’t have to check apps separately to search for any particular content. You can find all the content that is available for streaming on various apps here. 

It keeps you online and takes you through a wide collection of TV series, films, and other programs available on TV. You can open this website in any browser or you can also use its smartphone application that can be downloaded on Android, iOS, and other devices which work on Fire TV. You don’t need to spend money to use this platform. 

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5. Hulu



Hulu is another well-known website where you can watch a wide range of TV series and motion pictures. It is not completely free to use and the free trial can be accessed for a month. This site is quite similar to KissMovies and that’s why you can consider it a good alternative. It has exclusive content that can’t be found on another site. 

You must use Hulu at least once to experience a wide collection of content and so much more. It has some advanced features which enrich your streaming experience. It has a simple design and interface. Hulu is a great platform that can be used to stream your favorite video content. It might not be free to use but the subscription fee that is charged is very minimal and it’s completely worth what it offers. 

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6. 123Movies


123Movies offers a very simple user interface to its users. There is a vast selection of exclusive hits on this site. You’ll also find an equally good collection of English motion films. The site allows you to choose from South Korea, the UK, India, Japan, France, the USA, and Germany.

There are various categories available on this site like drama, action, experience, comedy, animation, and thriller. You can also watch TV series on this website. You can consider this as one of the best alternatives to 123Movies. It is very easy to navigate through the different categories. The design and layout of this site are also excellent. You won’t have to waste your time just skipping from one category to the other in search of your desired content. Instead, you can just find all of it on the homepage. 

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7. BMovies


BMovies has its name among the top-rated websites which are used for streaming movies online. The letter B in the name of this site stands for Blockbuster. This means that if you use this website, you will have your blockbuster box comprising many TV shows and movies that are free. You can also use the search bar that is offered on the main homepage of this site. You just need to type the name or movie in the search bar and you’ll find the relevant results. 

You don’t have to sign up for this site for accessing the services which are offered by this site. All the content of this site can be streamed in HD quality visuals. The media content can be filtered based on many factors like genre, ratings, release year, and alphabetical order.

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8. XMovies8


The next option that we have here in this list of KissMovies alternatives is the XMovies8 site. This is one of the best sites you can use for online streaming. It offers a wide range of movies and all are in HD print. It allows you to watch not only movies but TV shows too. You don’t need to register on this site or create an account to access the content. 

The site is completely safe and legal. It doesn’t contain any malicious links which redirect you to some other site. There is a separate section on this site that is dedicated to Asian Dramas. You’ll be attracted to its advanced features and user-friendly interface. 

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9. YesMovies


YesMovies is also a superb alternative to KissMovies which enables the users to watch TV programs and films for free. It provides all videos in HD quality with a separate list of country-wise motion movies. You’ll find movies from various countries like Albania, Samoa, Angola, Argentina, Afghanistan, and Algeria to be featured on this site.

It also has motion pictures from various categories such as biography, action, documentaries, animation, comedy, drama, etc. This site is widely used by a lot of users from different parts of the world. It supports different languages which is a great advantage for the users. 

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10. SolarMovies


SolarMovies is one of the most well-known sites which is quite similar to KissMovies. You can use this site to stream movies online and download them. This is one of the best platforms where you can watch recent music videos, movies, and different types of content.

It also allows you to watch the latest music videos and other content for free. There is a massive content database featured by this site and it comprises of TV series and movies. Users can now watch all the latest movies on this site for free. It is one of the best websites which can be used if you are unable to access KissMovies. 

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11. Sun NXT


Sun NXT is an online streaming platform that is owned by the network. The main focus of this platform is on Indian content. It supports many languages like Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Kannada, and more. It has a massive collection of movies. There are many TV series on this site that can be accessed for free. 

You just need to create an account on this platform without any commitments. The content on this site is very easy to locate because of proper classification and labeling. You can access this site on any internet browser. The website has an excellent layout and that’s an added advantage for the users who use this site. 

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12. Tubi


The next option in this list of KissMovies alternatives is Tubi TV. It is an excellent website that offers a wide range of content to users. You can find both TV series and movies on this site. You can use this platform to stream as many movies as you want for free. It doesn’t ask you to create an account or share your details. 

This is a great advantage for people who want to keep their anonymity while streaming online. This platform is completely legal and you can use it without any threats or risks to your data or privacy. 

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1. Can you use the KissMovies website for streaming free movies online?

Yes, you can use the KissMovies website to stream unlimited movies and TV shows online. However, as you know this site contains pirated content and that’s why it is banned in a few countries by anti-piracy laws. So, if you’re living in one of those countries, you might not be able to access this site. 

2. How can you use these KissMovies alternatives to stream movies online?

To use these KissMovies alternatives for free movie streaming, you just need to search for that site on the browser of your device. After the search is complete, you will be taken to the official page of the website you’ve searched for. You can then look for your desired content on the homepage of the KissMovies alternative site that you’re using. 

3. Is KissMovies available in-app version?

KissMovies is available in-app version and you can easily download the app on your android device. Install it on your device and you’ll be all set to use this platform for streaming your favorite movies. 

4. Do you need VPN to access KissMovies?

You don’t need to use a VPN app to access KissMovies. However, if you’re living in a country where this site is banned, using a VPN is recommended for your safety as it protects your IP Address and real location. 


That’s all you need to know about the KissMovies site. Some of the most reliable alternatives to this site have been discussed above. You can use any one of these alternatives whenever the site doesn’t work for you. Most of these sites are free to use and you don’t have to pay a single charge to use these sites. These sites allow you to watch free movies with subtitles in various languages. These sites can take you through content in different genres like comedy, romance, adventure, drama, and many more. You must try these sites to experience a seamless movie streaming experience.