12 Best LiveLeak Alternatives You Can Try (2024)

If you are a big fan of streaming videos, LiveLeak is a platform you are likely familiar with. The platform gained massive popularity among a unique set of audiences that wanted to stream real-time videos around the subjects of international politics, history, global concerns, etc.

So, you could say that LiveLeak was a more niche-specific platform that enabled users to stream videos, express their concerns, and have the time of their life. However, the freedom of speech on this platform has created a lot of disputes among several users, banning the website in the process.

With LiveLeak no longer available online, it isn’t surprising that interested users are now hunting down similar websites, which can be used as alternatives. LiveLeak was banned following the website users sharing video clips from “Panorama”, which highlighted a lot of triggering subjects surrounding child abuse.

If you were an avid user of LiveLeak and have been looking for similar alternatives, this article is for you. We have managed to narrow down and shortlist some of the best alternatives you can consider exploring.

What is LiveLeak?

If this is your first time hearing about LiveLeak, the website was a popular UK-based video streaming and sharing platform that was founded in 2006. 

The primary objective of the platform was to provide users with a free-to-use and express platform where anyone can openly discuss touchy subjects like politics, war, and world events and share real-life footage of the same for other users to see and engage with.

Given the unique concept of the platform, it wasn’t surprising that the website gained a lot of traction in no time at all. However, following a lot of deliberation, the website was finally banned and shut down on May 05, 2021.

Why was LiveLeak Banned?

LiveLeak was a very opinionated platform, meaning that people had something to say about the platform, irrespective of whether or not they were engaging in it.

While some users relied on the platform for their source of entertainment, some found the platform very triggering and insensitive. If you are someone from the latter group, be assured that you aren’t the only one and somehow that was the reason the website was finally taken down in 2021, after 15 years of being on the internet.

The final nail in the coffin came when users started to share clips and footage from “Panorama”, highlighting child abuse. That was what took the platform down, discontinuing its service on the internet.

What are the best Alternatives to LiveLeak?

With LiveLeak finally banned and unavailable, the next question that comes to people’s minds is wondering if there are similar websites available.

The short answer to that is yes. There are quite a few different LiveLeak alternatives available on the internet that you can check out. All of these websites more or less work on the same principle as LiveLeak but have stricter community guidelines to ensure they don’t get taken down as well.

1. EngageMedia


If you liked LiveLeak’s feature of providing users with “freedom of speech and expression”, you will love EngageMedia as well. The non-profit offers users a platform to express their views and opinions, all while being respectful to others. 

The primary objective of EngageMedia is to bolster human rights change by leveraging the power of media and technology. The website runs in collaboration with a popular Canadian television channel, enabling users easy access to it.

The only downside to using this platform is that you need to have an account on the platform. It is mandatory, especially if you want to upload videos and engage with other people’s posts. Also, the app is compatible with every device, including Android, iOS, and PC.

2. DTube


A lot similar to YouTube, D Tube is pretty much a “lite” version of YouTube, enabling users to share and upload videos to start open discussions. However, there are certain uniqueness and exclusivity to the platform that YouTube lacks.

For example, D Tube allows users to share and watch explicit content without any constraints, which isn’t the case with YouTube. So, if you have been missing LiveLeak and want a pretty similar website to browse through, D Tube is an option that doesn’t disappoint.

Since it is a decentralized platform, be assured that it doesn’t fall short on the quality of the content you are watching. Also, users can win prizes from the platform in terms of cryptocurrency, which is a bonus.

3. SkyTube


Another free and open-source LiveLeak alternative that you can consider looking into is SkyTube. Don’t get deterred by the name, it does draw a lot of inspiration from YouTube’s official application and is currently only available for Android.

What’s unique about SkyTube is that it allows you to have a more streamlined viewing experience on YouTube, especially if you don’t want the intrusive ads popping up here and there.

Also, since the platform is open-sourced, the users have complete autonomy to choose and whitelist certain channels and types of content that they don’t want to watch. Users also get access to unique filtering options, which is fun too.

4. Xfinity


Xfinity is another website that’s pretty similar to LiveLeak. The videos that are available on this platform are not just exclusive but unique too if that’s something you are particular about when it comes to keeping yourself entertained.

A lot similar to LiveLeak, the platform hosts videos where the users can share, comment, and have an open conversation about the subject without needing to worry about anything messing things up. The overall UI of the app is quite simple and organized too.

You might come across explicit and trigger videos on the platform, so that’s another factor you have to be mindful of without any questions asked. Also, the platform is available for both desktop and mobile devices, which is always a benefit. There is no need to create an account, which is a benefit too.

5. Flickr


If you have been around since the inception of YouTube, you’d likely know about Flickr too. Before YouTube took off in 2004, Flickr was the one dominating the internet’s video streaming experience. However, since then, the platform has taken a backseat somehow.

Flickr is quite a unique video streaming platform and draws a lot of similarities with LiveLeak since that’s the platform you are looking for alternatives for. More than a simple video-sharing platform, Flickr was a mini social media platform.

At present, the platform allows easy uploading of videos that are 1GB and higher in size too. However, if you want to share larger files on the platform, you’d need to create an account, so that’s another factor you have to keep into consideration. Also, they offer a memory timestamp, if you want to keep your images and videos in one place for future access.

6. AOL Video

AOL Video

While we are on the topic of good and relatable LiveLeak alternatives, AOL Video is another option that deserves special mention. The video categories and diversity on AOL are promising, not to mention that it also helps the users maintain a diverse audience base.

On AOL, users get access to original video footage and real-time footage, and links to a variety of external websites. Some of these can be a little sketchy, so be aware of the links you are clicking. Don’t be mindless during that process.

Besides videos, the platform also hosts a variety of different other forms of content that the users can relate to. Overall, the website is worth the buck and features quite a seamless UI, which makes it a worthy “dupe” to LiveLeak.

7. ItemFix


Following LiveLeak’s ban, the URL was designed to redirect to ItemFix, which is another popular and similar video-sharing and streaming platform. So, if you loved watching the content on LiveLeak, you are going to be appreciative of the content that’s shared on ItemFix too.

Besides the similarities in the content, another similar feature is that both platforms are free of cost. You won’t have to pay a dime to access the videos that are available on either. The only downside is that the available or uploaded content on this platform is currently only in English.

However, one of the standout features of this platform is the simplicity of the content available on this platform. Besides the simple navigation, the arbitrary content on this platform makes up for your daily dose of entertainment.

8. eBaum’s World

eBaum’s World

If you are into scary horror movies, eBaum’s World is a platform that doesn’t disappoint. It’s backed with the entire latest content library that you’d potentially need to keep your entertainment whilst LiveLeak’s ban from the internet.

The highlight of this website is that it contains a lot of random footage on the website, making things a lot more fun than you expect. Every video that’s uploaded to the platform is unique and one-of-a-kind, so you won’t regret watching it.

Also, the website hosts NSFW content, which is grouped into an entirely separate category so you have to exclusively go and check it out if you are interested. However, be assured that some of these videos might be frightful and triggering.

9. MyVidster


A very popular alternative to LiveLeak, MyVidster hosts a variety of live-streaming links that you can binge-watch to your heart’s desire. This is more of a social video hosting platform, which makes the whole experience a lot more fun and exhilarating.

People can freely upload their videos on the platform and let other users watch them without any restrictions. You might need to register on the platform, depending on what kind of content you are uploading. The collection of videos available on this platform is quite promising too.

Since it’s such a great platform for streamers, it isn’t surprising that the platform has gained a pretty great following in such a limited period. Overall, the streaming experience is quite seamless too, which adds to the whole user experience like never before.

10. Metacafe


Although quite underrated, Metacafe deserves a special mention in the list. The extensive video collection and the uninterrupted streaming experience make this one of the absolute best platforms to explore.

The platform also features a variety of categories where you can find the latest content categorized into trending, newest, popular, etc. So, if you want to have an uninterrupted video streaming experience, Metacafe stands out as a great alternative to LiveLeak.

11. Veoh


If you are looking for high-quality films and videos to stream in real time, Veoh is a great platform to engage with. Featuring an organized layout and premium content, this video streaming website is one of the best in the lot.

Some of the most profound categories on the website include horror, comedy, anime, etc. The platform isn’t identical to LiveLeak but features similar kinds of features, especially with users uploading exclusive footage that’s never seen before.

The compatibility of this website is quite seamless too since it’s available on iPhone, iPad, and even your iPod.

12. OMG News

OMG News

Last on the list is OMG News. If the name of the website isn’t a giveaway, the platform is home to a variety of viral content that includes video footage and never-seen-before content.

Besides video streaming, the platform also brings you access to social media-like user experience like never before. If you like engaging with conspiracy theories and having open conversations, this is the website you need to explore.

Overall, OMG News is a great alternative to LiveLeak, if you are on the hunt for something similar yet simple to navigate through.


That’s all you need to know about the best alternatives to LiveLeak. If you are looking for similar websites with a good-quality content library, we are pretty sure these websites won’t disappoint. The only thing you need to ensure is to stay safe when using any of these websites since some of them might contain triggering content.

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