Best Messages Icon Aesthetic For iOS 15 And iOS 14 in 2024

Nowadays, people find it boring to have default icons on an iPhone. There are numerous Aesthetic icons found on the internet that can be used by iPhone users. Most of the aesthetic icons are paid packs, but some latest free packs have also been available on the internet. Leaning towards paid packs is really not worth it, paying a lump sum and making use of only a few icons is of no use so, it is better to make use of free icon packs or download specific icons for your use. 

A wide collection of aesthetic icons can be used for iOS version 15 and iOS version 14. Numerous exclusive and vivid message icons are found all over the internet that can be downloaded and can be used to replace the default icons of an application. By doing this, you might bring about a unique identity to your smartphones. All iPhone owners are incredibly thrilled with this new feature and are taking full advantage of it. They are letting their imaginations run wild and trying to make sure that their iPhones look incredible.

Steps To Follow – Changing The Default Application Icon

Changing the icon of the message application involves simple and easy steps. You are just a few steps away from giving your smartphone a brand-new look. Before starting this process, download and keep the message icon ready.

  • Step 1 – Open the shortcuts option on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Step 2 – Click on the “+” sign in the right top corner to add the new shortcut.
  • Step 3 – Following this select the “+ add” option.
  • Step 4 – After this, click on the open app option followed by the “messages” application.
  • Step 5 – Click on the filter icon and choose the “add to home screen” option.

This is where you will be able to rename the icon and set a new icon for the application. Also, when you tap on the icon, a dropdown showing “Take photo”, “choose photo”, and “choose file” will be displayed. 

  • Step 6 -Select the “choose photo ” option, and search for the image you want to set as an icon.
  • Step 7 – Select the choose option in the bottom right corner, to set that image as the icon.
  • Step 8 – Once you are done with all the changes, Press the “done” option.

Now, navigate to the home screen to view the “new message app”. 

You can use this application the same way as the default application. And once you are completely familiar with the new application, you can delete the old or default messages application.

Samples Of Aesthetic Messages Icons

Here are a few samples of Aesthetic messages icons for iOS version 14 and iOS version 15.

Messages Icon Aesthetic

Messages Icon Aesthetic For Iphone

Messages Icon Aesthetic Ios15

Messages Icon Aesthetic ios14

Messages Icon Aesthetic For iOS 15 And iOS 14

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Best Messages Icon Aesthetic For iphone

Messages Icon Aesthetic For iphone ios

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Best iphone Messages Icon Aesthetic

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Top Messages Icon Aesthetic For ios

Best Messages Icon Aesthetic For ios

Messages Icon Aesthetic For ios iphone

There are so many icons all over the web from which you can choose your ideal one. Rather than downloading the perfect icon you can also use template applications and create your own icons. Make your iPhone exclusive by using your wide design skills. The more outstanding your iPhone looks, the more compliments you will get.

The shortcut method is one way through which you can change the message icon of an iPhone. The other way is through using the app store, where you should install the icons for your application.

Find the right application in the “app store” that you think is the best, but go for free applications. After downloading it, complete the installation process, go into the app, select the theme that you like, and apply it to your smartphone.

iPhone users with iOS versions 14 and 15 can easily switch their message application icons in no time with this latest update. The biggest drawback of Apple was the inability to customize the phone, according to the wishes of the user. With an android phone, users can easily change the themes and display according to their own needs. But now, with the latest iOS version, Apple users can easily change the default icons of their applications, by following simple steps. 


This is one of the coolest features that Apple has ever released. Moreover, the customization feature was not expected to be available in the iPhone in the first place, though every user wanted it. In case you are still thinking about whether it is actually possible for iPhone users to customize their smartphones, the answer is, YES! You really can. Why don’t you try it out yourself?

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