Methods To Use The App Library on iPhone

In the event that you’re a gadget addict and an iPhone client, iOS 14 has furnished you with another apparatus: the App Library, which puts together your applications in named gatherings to make them more straightforward to find. Truth be told, all your current applications can now be tracked down there, and any applications you download later on will be put there also. This new component can be exceptionally helpful, particularly in the event that you will more often than not download a lot of applications.

A significant new change that accompanies iOS 14 close by home screen gadgets is the iPhone App Library. The element offers a better approach to deal with the numerous applications you have with auto-created classes, another in order view, the capacity to stow away application pages, and then some. Peruse on for an involved glance at how to utilize the new iPhone App Library in iOS 14. Or, to get a more detailed understanding, you can refer to 

Methods To Use The App Library on iPhone

What is the App Library?

While home screen gadgets offer an invigorated UI with various measured, adaptable gadgets, the App Library carries a few decent choices to coordinate and improve on how you access applications with auto-created classes/envelopes, the choice to stow away application pages, a better approach to oversee downloads, and in order application rundown, and then some. The App Library lives toward the finish of your last iPhone application page.

Methods To Use The App Library on iPhone

The Most Effective Methods To Use The iPhone App Library In iOS 14:

Getting to the App Library

  • Head to your last page of applications
  • Swipe once again from right to left
  • Presently you’ll see the App Library with consequently produced application classes

 Utilizing the App Library

  • You can tap an individual application to open it
  • Utilize the pursuit bar at the top to find applications
  • Tap the little four application packs in the base right corner of a class to see all the applications in that App Library organizer
  • Pull down from the highest point of the App Library to see an in sequential order rundown of all applications

Effective Methods To Use The iPhone App Library In iOS 14

Concealing iPhone application pages

On the off chance that you like inclining more on the iPhone App Library, you can stow away your application pages. That makes it speedier to get to the App Library. Or, you could see this: 

  • Long push on a clear region of your home screen or any application page
  • Once in alter mode, tap the application page spot symbols in the base center of your screen
  • Uncheck the application pages that you need to stow away
  • Tap Done in the upper right corner
  • You can unhide your application pages whenever by turning around the means above.


Concealing iPhone application page

Step by step instructions to reestablish an application to the home screen

Assuming you alter your perspective, you can without much of a stretch recuperate an application that you eliminated from the home screen.

  • Go to the App Library.
  • Find the application you need to reestablish. You can do that with the programmed envelopes, or by utilizing the inquiry bar.
  • Tap and hold the application’s symbol until the pop-up menu shows up.
  • Tap “Add to Home Screen.”

reestablish an application to the home screen

Dealing with the App Library

After you’ve altered application pages, you’ll see a ready that new downloads will appear in the Recently Added part of the App Library. Until further notice, the default is for new application downloads to likewise appear on your home screen/application page however you can change that in the Settings application.

Dealing with the App Library

On the off chance that you might want to have new downloads just appear in the iPhone App Library and not show up on the home screen or an application page, head to Settings > Home Screen and tap “Application Library as it were.” There’s likewise a choice to get a notice identification to “Show in App Library” on the off chance that you’d like updates and an alternate way.

Show in App Library

Going further

  • Long push on a class name or a dark space in the App Library to erase applications
  • Long push on an individual application in the App Library to add it back to your home screen
  • Until further notice, it’s absolutely impossible to rename the auto-made App Library classifications or adjust them (ideally that could show up in an update)

Dealing with the App Library

You can in any case utilize envelopes on your home screen or on application pages as well as the App Library classifications/organizers, they’re independent

Step by step instructions to utilize the App Library on an iPhone to find your applications

There are a few methods for opening applications from the App Library.

  • Tap an application you find in an envelope. The App Library sorts generally your applications into classifications and shows you a review of a portion of the applications in that classification. You’ll probably see that some application symbols are customary size, while others are more modest. Tap a standard size application to open it right away, or tap the more modest symbols to open and peruse the whole organizer.
  • Search all of your applications. Tap the inquiry box at the highest point of the App Library screen to look for the application you need. Furthermore, you’ll see a sequential rundown of all your applications. You can parchment and tap the application you need to begin it. This is a helpful element and is the most effective way to see all your applications.

utilize the App Library on an iPhone

Programmed Groupings

The App Library shows up as a different page on your home screen. After you’ve refreshed to iOS 14, simply continue to swipe left; the App Library will be the last page you hit.

It consequently arranges your applications into envelopes that are marked with an assortment of classes. For instance, soon after refreshing the new OS, mine included Recently Added, Utilities, Productivity and Finance, Social, Creativity, Information and Readings, Games, Entertainment, Health and Fitness, and Travel. Every envelope is partitioned into four quadrants; every quadrant shows a symbol addressing an application. In the event that an organizer holds more than four applications, the excess symbols are contracted down and assembled into a solitary quadrant.

You can open an application straightforwardly from its symbol in the App Library. In the event that the application is essential for a gathering of more modest symbols (and in this manner too little to even consider tapping), tap anyplace in that quadrant and the whole classification will fill your screen so you can choose the application you need.

Long push on any application in the App Library, and a pop-up menu allows you to erase it, utilize one of its highlights, or – in the event that it isn’t there as of now – duplicate the symbol to your home screen. (This won’t eliminate it from the App Library).

In the event that you can’t find an application, select the inquiry field on top; you’ll get an in sequential order rundown of your applications. You can either type for the sake of the application you need or look down to track down it. Nonetheless, you don’t get to choose where in the App Library the new application will show up.

Move apps to the App Library

To tidy up your home screen, you can “eliminate” symbols with the goal that they are just noticeable in the App Library. For a solitary application:

  • On the home screen, long push on the application you need to add.
  • Tap “Eliminate App.”
  • Tap “Move to App Library.”

Move apps to the App Library

You can likewise dispose of a lot of home screen applications without a moment’s delay by long-squeezing a vacant region on your home screen. Tap on the “short” image on the edge of each application you need to remove the home screen and select “Move to App Library.”

To keep your home screen clean, you can organize to have recently introduced applications show up just in the App Library.

  • Go to Settings > Home Screen
  • Pick by the same token “Add to Home Screen” or “Application Library Only.” You can likewise select to have notice identifications displayed in the App Library.


1. What can you do with the app Library?

If you are one of those people that has a habit of forgetting the apps you have on your iPhone, the App Library can sort out that issue for you. It provides the user with a rundown of all the downloaded apps or you can use it to find the apps you have on your iPhone.

2. Can you move apps around in the app Library?

Yes, you can use a simple drag-and-drop motion to move the apps around in your app library. This helps the user organize their apps depending on what works best for them.

3. How do I use the new app library?

The new App Library on your iPhone isn’t very different from the last version. You can use it without any hassle and the best thing would be to check out the last page of the apps and arrange them based on your preference of usage.

4. Can you customize the app library for iPhone?

If you want to customize your app library on your iPhone, you can do so from the iPhone Settings by selecting where you save the new apps and how you organize them on the home screen or the app library on the device.


As referenced, the App Library is an intriguing expansion to the iOS arms stockpile, considering expanded association of applications and a cleaner, less jam-packed home screen. Be that as it may, its absence of personalization is, for me at any rate, a huge constraint – dissimilar to its Android partner, it doesn’t permit you to make your own gatherings or to choose which application should go in which bunch. With any hope, Apple will work on the component throughout the next few months.

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