Roblox Icon Aesthetic For iPhone iOS 14 in 2022

Why can’t Apple just let its users customize stuff? Has this thought ever crossed your mind? Well obviously, it would have, as none of the iPhone users likes to look at the default display all the time. Not being able to customize your own iPhone is such a frustrating thing. But, all of that changed after the iOS version 14 update. The best feature that was launched during the update was the customization feature. With this feature, iPhone users finally have the freedom to personalize their display screen. 

The most common way to set an aesthetic icon for a default application is through the shortcut app, which comes pre-installed after that version 14 update. Giving your applications an aesthetic look will make your iPhone more unique and exclusive. The only drawback of the shortcut app is that each and every icon can be customized one after the other. You can not make it happen all at once. Personalizing the app icons according to your preference can be easily done with the help of a shortcut app. 

There are numerous icon packs all over the internet for free and for money. It is not encouraged to purchase the paid packs, as there are numerous and various free icon packs readily available. The internet has a wide range of images and you can make any of those as your icon or even better you can also make your own icon through a logo customization application. Now, let us move on to Roblox and how can one make it look more aesthetic.

What Is Roblox?

Roblox is advertised as the “Imagination Platform”. This application lets users create and play with over a million online 3D games. This Roblox application was released in the year 2007. This application can be downloaded both on android and iOS devices. This application has around 178 million active accounts. This is a very popular application and can be personalized according to a user’s likeness! Pretty cool, isn’t it? There are various sites and platforms from where the user can download the icons for your Roblox application. 

One can also just search for “aesthetic Roblox icon” on any search engine and the screen will be filled with a vast number of icons that can be used as the new Roblox icon. Now let us dive deep into the detailed procedure of setting up a personalized Roblox icon on your iPhone.

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Procedure To Set An Aesthetic Icon For The Roblox Application

Keep the image you want to set as the app’s icon in a ready state. There is a wide range of icons present from which you can choose the icon for the Roblox application. It is simple and easy to change the icon with the help of a shortcut app.

  • Step 1: Open the shortcut app on any iOS device which has the iOS version 14 or above. This is a pre-installed application.
  • Step 2: On the top right corner, there will be a “+” sign, click on that.
  • Step 3: Followed by the “+ add” option to start with the process of changing the icon.
  • Step 4: After this, select the open app option that is displayed and navigate to the “Roblox” application.
  • Step 5: Select the filter icon and click on the “add to home screen” option.(This is where you will be able to rename the icon and set a new icon for the application. Also, when you tap on the icon, a dropdown will appear with the contents “Take photo”, “choose photo”, and “choose file” will be displayed. )
  • Step 6: “Choose photo” option must be selected and continue with the setting icon process.
  • Step 7: Search and choose the image which you want to set as the icon and press the done option to save all the changes.
  • Step 8: Now, you can navigate to the home screen to view the new message app along with the personalized icon.

You can replace the default app with the newly created app. After a while, once you get fully used to the new customized app, the default app can be moved to the library and the personalized app can be used full time.


The ideal one for you can be selected from the free packs available online or through other means. But the best part is that you can customize an icon with the help of software applications and create one so unique all by yourself. This is where you should put in all your design and creativity skills. These icons can be saved and later used as icons for your application. So, go try it out for yourself and enjoy the joy of personalizing your iPhone or iPad devices.

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