Settings Icon Aesthetic For iPhone In iOS 14 in 2024

Tired of staring at the same old grid every single time you unlock your Apple device? Worry no more, with the latest iOS update apple users can now customize their home screen. Yeah, you heard it right. Apple through its iOS version 14 update has enabled its users to personalize their smartphones according to their likeness. This feature has become famous and is taking over all social media platforms. Many iPhone users switch to personalized icons from default ones and keep updating them for others to view them and do the same. By making use of the shortcut app, you can give a whole new dramatic look to your iPhone.

Through this feature, users can create a unique home screen that looks different, creative, and interesting. Replacing the icon of the default application icon with a different self-selected picture gives a great sense of customization to the users. There are so many icon logos present on the internet that can be easily downloaded and used. You can keep changing the looks of your smartphone and make the display more attractive.

Few Images For Aesthetic “Setting Icon” For iPhone iOS Version 14

It is not necessary to choose an icon that is similar to the similar setting icon. Users can make any picture as their application icon. To give a more vibrant look to your iPhone, stick to themes. Instead of randomly selecting icons, follow a theme. For instance, since Halloween is around the corner, customize your home screen in accordance with Halloween. Go with icons in shades of black, orange, and yellow. Keep it spooky and scary looking. If you do so, everyone looking at your Apple device will be thrilled.

Best Settings Icon Aesthetic for ios

Settings Icon Aesthetic

Best Settings Icon Aesthetic

Top Settings Icon Aesthetic

Settings Icon Aesthetic For Iphone

Settings Icon Aesthetic for ios

Top Settings Icon Aesthetic for ios

Top Settings Icon Aesthetic for iphone

Best Settings Icon Aesthetic for iphone

Best Settings Icon Aesthetic ios

Top iphone Settings Icon Aesthetic

Top ios Settings Icon Aesthetic

Best iphone Settings Icon Aesthetic

Best Settings Icon Aesthetic ios iphone

Best Settings Icon Aesthetic iphone ios

Go through several free icon packs in search of an exclusive settings application icon. Or else, as you surf the internet if you come across any image that is very eye catchy download it or take a screenshot. Because you can use these as your application icon as well. The most common way to set a personalized icon to your settings application is with the help of the pre-installed shortcut app, in iPhone iOS version 14 and above. The uniqueness of your home page depends on the level of creativity you put into customizing it.

Procedure To Set An Aesthetic Icon For Settings Application On iPhone iOS Version 14 And Higher

Before starting the process of setting a personalized application icon, be sure to keep the image or logo ready. You can also crop out the extra area in the image and keep it precise. Every single procedural step is simple and easy to follow. You do not have to be a tech-savvy person to do this. Now, let’s begin with the first step to set a customized setting application icon on the iPhone with iOS version 14.

  1. Open the shortcut app on the iOS device (either iPhone or iPad). After the iOS update, this shortcut app will be pre-installed on the device.
  2. Choose the “+” (plus) sign on the top of the display screen.
  3. Click the “+ add” option and begin with the icon-setting process.
  4. Select the “open app” and choose the settings application from the drop-down.
  5. Click on the “add to home screen” option, so that the created app will be visible on the home screen.

Now the three drop-down options will be displayed. The three options are; “take photo”, “choose photo” and the third one “choose file”.

  1. Select the option according to your preference, and search for the image which you want to set as the application’s icon.
  2. Select the image and click on “choose”.
  3. Once this is over, press the “done” option to save all the changes.

Move over to the home screen to see the new app that has been created and play around with it, to get familiarised with it. These same steps can be followed for all other applications as well.


There was a time when iPhone users were not given the privilege of customizing their own iOS devices. But now all of that has changed for the better. In the iOS versions of 14 and above, home screen customization is possible. Now Apple users have complete control over the aesthetic display of their home screen. Surprising, isn’t it? 

Finally, Apple has made it happen. Though Apple has a huge fan base, who appreciate, support, and promote the feature of iOS devices, deep down everyone at some point in time, must have longed for the ability to customize their phone. And now, that is made possible.

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