Sharing Netflix Account Outside Household May Cost Extra

All this while, Netflix subscribers have been sharing their accounts outside the household for no extra cost. But this may change soon as Netflix is testing new features.

According to reports, Netflix is testing some new features including the one that will allow subscribers to share their accounts outside the household for an extra cost.

Currently, the streaming giant is testing the features in Peru, Costa Rica, and Chile. This new feature will allow members on premium and standard plans to include up to two people outside the household.

Netflix is also working on another feature that will allow users on a premium, standard, or basic plan to transfer their profile information to a sub-account or a new account while retaining important data such as personalized recommendations and viewing history.

Currently, Netflix allows users to share their accounts with people they live with. But this feature has resulted in some confusion about how and when accounts can be shared. The company said that it is impacting their ability to invest in new content.

The streaming pioneer said that they will test the features to check their utility and then make necessary changes before making it available in other parts of the world.

In January 2022, Netflix modified its growth expectations because customer addition has been less than what they had expected. The company have also raised its subscription prices in Ireland and the UK. According to Netflix, they will utilise this money to make more new original content.

Netflix’s standard plan is very popular in the UK. It allows users to stream on two devices simultaneously. The company have recently increased the price of the standard plan in the UK by GBP 2 to GBP 10.99 per month. 

On the other hand, customers using the basic plan will now pay GBP 6.99 every month. The previous price of the basic plan was GBP 5.99. The most expensive will be the premium plan, which is now priced at GBP 15.99 a month.

As far as Ireland is concerned, the price of the basic plan would be raised by EUR 1, while the premium and standard plans will be available at EUR 20.99 and EUR 14.99 respectively.

Netflix has increased its subscription prices in some countries, so they can generate some extra revenue to invest in creating original content.

The new features are currently in the testing phase, after which they will be made available in other parts of the world.

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