Snapchat Introduces Custom Landmarkers to Let Creators Develop AR Filters of Their Favourite Places

This Wednesday, Snapchat announced its plans of expanding its augmented reality (AR) based feature Landmarkers. The company said that the feature will now be available to all users as Custom Landmarkers via Lens Studio.

Custom Landmarkers will let creators create AR filters to anchor to their favourite local places so that Snapchatters can create richer and better stories about those places. To kick-start the new custom landmarkers experience, Snapchat has launched a Custom Indian Landmarker that is created especially for a popular ice-cream brand named Havmor.

Custom Landmarkers let creators develop AR Lenses for their favourite local places and landmarks using their mobile phones with a LiDAR sensor. To develop a custom landmarker lens, creators are required to map the area, develop its 3D model, and then add it to Lens Studio.

The new Custom Landmarker Lens feature can be activated for sharing in a community or group of friends to highlight a particular landmark or place.

One of the networkers of Snap Lens, Pradeepa Anandhi created the first-ever custom landmarker of Havmor in partnership with Bharat Nagarajan, creator of Snap Official lens.

The newly created Custom Landmarker is named The Havmor Paradise. It displays the Havmor ice-cream digital banner on the outlet along with larger than life ice-cream cones.

To experience the Custom Havmor Landmarker Lens, users will need to scan the Snap code at any nearby Havmor ice-cream outlets.

Anandhi said that they have created the Havmor Ice-cream paradise lens leveraging Snapchat’s custom Landmarker feature. It completely transforms the ice-cream outlet into a beautiful ice-cream fairyland.

Anandhi started experimenting with the Custom Landmarker Lens feature a few months ago. She was accompanied by Bharat.

According to Snapchat, the AR features on the platform are used by over 200 million users every day on average. Snapchat is striving to improve its AR experiences and take it to a new level by introducing more new features like Custom Landmarkers.

The Landmarkers feature was first introduced in April 2019 as a native option to superimpose AR experiences on popular architectures. But it arrived in India just a few months after making its global debut. It introduced AR filters for visiting the Taj Mahal and Gateway of India.

Snapchat is a popular social messaging app with a series of exciting features. From AR filters to 24-hours stories, Snapchat has everything that a cool messaging app should have.

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