Spotify Icon Aesthetic For iPhone in iOS 14 in 2024

Ever wanted to change your iPhone look according to your style but were not able to do it, as Apple did not allow customization? Almost every Apple user would have faced this situation at some point in time. This was made possible after the launch of iOS version 14. With the help of the Shortcuts app present on the Apple device, customizing is made possible. 

Overview Of Aesthetic Spotify Icon

In today’s market, there is a plethora of different music streaming services. Due to this, it can be difficult for people to find the music that they are looking for. One of the popular music streaming services is Spotify. Spotify allows people to listen to music from any device that they have installed the app. So, when it comes to customization, giving the Spotify application a brand-new look is also necessary. 

iPhone aesthetic Spotify icon is a great way to show your applications with style. A simple, beautiful icon can make all the difference. Here are some tips on how to make your iPhone aesthetic Spotify icon look its best. 

Procedural Steps To Set Up Aesthetic Spotify Icon

  1. Launch the Shortcuts application.
  2. The ‘+’ symbol should be selected.
  3. Followed by the ‘add’ option.
  4. Select the application you want to personalize. In this case, select the ‘Spotify’ application. Choose the ‘Add to Home Screen’ option, so that the personalized application will be created and displayed on the home screen. 
  5. Give a name and then choose the image you want to set as the icon for that particular application (in this case, the Spotify application).
  6. Once everything is done, click on the ‘Done’ option so that all the changes that were made get saved.
  7. Navigate to the home screen and find the Spotify application with the aesthetic icon and preferred name.

What Happens To The Default Application?

After the new personalized application is created using the Shortcuts app, the default app can be removed from the home screen. Long press on the default application and choose the remove option. The application will be moved to the library of the Apple device to free up space on the home screen.

Aesthetic Icons For Spotify Applications In iOS Version 14

Here are a few sample images to provide a better understanding of how aesthetic Spotify icons might look.

Best Spotify Icon Aesthetic for ios iphone

Top Spotify Icon Aesthetic for iphone

Top Spotify Icon Aesthetic for ios

Best Spotify Icon Aesthetic for iphone

Best Spotify Icon Aesthetic for ios

Top Spotify Icon Aesthetic iphone

Top Spotify Icon Aesthetic ios

Best Spotify Icon Aesthetic iphone

Best Spotify Icon Aesthetic ios

Spotify Icon Aesthetic iphone

Spotify Icon Aesthetic ios

Top Spotify Icon Aesthetic

Best Spotify Icon Aesthetic

Spotify Icon Aesthetic

Almost any image or picture found on the internet can be used as the application’s icon. Just long press the image or picture and download it, save it to the gallery and use it later during the customization process.

The only drawback of the Shortcuts app is the ability to not customize all the applications at once. Hopefully, this will soon be taken care of in the iOS versions yet to come.

Key Points To Remember

  1. Creating an app using the Shortcuts application will not make changes to the default / original app. 
  2. Only a new shortcut is created through this process.
  3. Original/default application can be accessed from the app library of the specific device.
  4. Available on iOS versions 14 and above.
  5. Original or default app can be removed from the home screen.
  6. Customization can be carried out through the ‘Shortcuts’ app.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many apps can be simultaneously personalised through Shortcuts’ app?

Only one at a time. Multiple applications can not be customized at once. The procedure should be followed for all the applications individually. 

2. From where should the ‘Shortcuts’ app be downloaded?

The Shortcuts app is built-in. So, this app need not be downloaded separately. This app is enough to customize all the applications in the Apple device of versions 14 and higher.

3. Where can we find aesthetic icons?

There are numerous icon packs found on the internet, all those can be used. The icon packs are available both for free and for a price. Moreover, all the images found online can be downloaded and made use of.


Personalization is important when it comes to creating a good application icon. It allows the user to feel special and unique. Customization is key to making your device stand out. The iPhone aesthetic icon is an important part of the iPhone experience and contributes to the overall appeal of the device. Some might find that it is important to preserve the default element of the design and not change it too drastically. While other users may find the icon outdated, it is important to maintain the identity of Apple devices as well. 

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