12 Best StreamEast Alternatives to Stream Live NBA, NHL, NFL in 2024

If you are a sports fanatic that likes to keep up with all the live sports events, StreamEast is a platform that you won’t regret looking into. Not only does the platform broadcast an amazing live stream of on-going sports events, but they also offer a variety of other advantages that other paid websites don’t.

From NBA to NFL, StreamEast hosts some of the most trending sports events, so you don’t feel left out in the process. But, what stands out on the website is the fact that not only can you watch the live stream events, you can record them to come back and watch them later.

However, most countries with strict copyright laws might have the website banned in their country. If that is the case with you and you can’t access StreamEast, we have a few working alternatives you can consider.

1. Stop Stream

Stop Stream

When it comes to similar StreamEast alternatives, Stop Stream is an option you won’t regret getting. The website is one of a kind and is no doubt one of the most versatile options that you can look into. The website supports a variety of live sports channels that allow you to stream sports events and matches for free.

Overall, Stop Stream is quite a minimal and easy-to-navigate website. So, even if you are a first-time user, you won’t have to worry about getting confused about the streaming experience. Also, the upcoming events are categorized into tabs making it easier for you to find them and watch them as required.

One unique feature is the availability of a live chat option that allows the users to connect with other users on the website and share their thoughts about the event you are streaming.

2. SportLemon


Like Stop Stream, even SportLemon is a popular alternative to StreamEast that you can consider looking into. More than other sports, football events are quite versatile and diverse on this platform. The coverage is more attuned to football sports events.

The good thing about this website is that it hosts the streaming link to different events. So, they host third-party viewing links instead of embedding them into their website. This reduces their liability, making them one of the websites that won’t get banned or restricted out of the blue.

Besides the simple UI of the website, the quality of the streams is pretty amazing too. You can watch your favorite sports events in HD and 3 pretty amazing K quality. There is no recording option but you can replay the live stream later, which is helpful.

3. Feed2All


A subsidized platform under First Rows, Feed2All is another popular and highly competitive free sports streaming platform that works just like StreamEast does. It is a 100% free website, which means that you won’t have to worry about paying anything to access the live sports links and streaming experience.

The website also hosts a barrage of live sports channels, which gives you a diversity of options to look into and watch your favorite shows without any roadblocks along the way. The homepage of the website is quite organized and offers you a direct understanding of the events that are either happening now or will be streamed later.

As for the category of sports, the list is expansive and diverse, something you won’t have to complain about at all.

4. Laola1


Laola is an Austrian free sports streaming platform, so you might have to worry about the language barrier. However, if you open it directly via Chrome, you should be able to translate the content on the website and be able to scroll and stream through it without any compromise at all.

It is a lot similar to StreamEast in the sense that the category of live events is similar and also the quality of the individual streams is quite similar. There is a diversity of options, including video playbacks, highlight clips, on-demand recordings, etc.

Also, the website is 100% free, so you won’t have to worry about paying a dime to access the content on the website. Just ensure that your network speed is fast for a seamless streaming experience.

5. FuboTV


FuboTV isn’t your staple-only sports streaming platform. Instead, it is a website that you can consider looking into if you want access to all the live TV channels. From sports channels to random channels like NatGeo, you can find a lot of options on the website.

So, this is an all-in-one platform that’s also a good alternative to StreamEast. If you want a premium viewing experience and unlock some of the more exclusive content, there is a separate premium tab that you can look into.

On an average basis, the platform has close to 1000 sports streaming channels, making it one of the most versatile options that you can look into.

6. Bally Sports

Bally Sports

Bally Sports is another worthy mention as an alternative to StreamEast that you can look into. The good thing about the website is its credibility. Not only do you get access to all the available sports channels under one roof, but you also get to stream it directly from the link without any roadblocks.

It is primarily a paid service, so it might not strike as 100% similar to StreamEast. However, if you want to bypass the payments, we’d recommend that you look into the free entertainment section. All the sports live streams and channels there are free for the users.

The versatility and compatibility of this website are a little questionable, so we’d recommend that you keep a check on all the information that we have shared with you. You do need to register and sign up on the website, following which you can access it from anywhere across the globe.

7. Sports365



Moving on from some of the paid alternatives, let us jump back into the free ones. Sports365, like its name suggests, offers free access to all the amazing content that you can stream to your heart’s desire. The good thing about this website is the ease of accessibility to a variety of live sports streaming channels.

It does have an advantage over StreamEast, especially due to the diversity of content. The overall website layout is pretty simple as well. However, it is not in English, so you will need to translate the webpages to the desired language of your choice and then stream the listed sports live streams as per your comfort.

Besides the HD quality streaming, even the sound quality on this platform is quite promising, which is another reason why you shouldn’t brush it to the side. The website is definitely worth the time, money, and effort that you put in. 

8. MamaHD


Another popular alternative to StreamEast that you can consider looking into is MamaHD. The website has been around for a few years and has been consistent with its uploads, quality of content, and streaming experience.

Like most of the other free sports streaming websites, even MamaHD hosts links to the content. A simple click on the link allows you to stream the content for free and without any hassle. This is also one of the few easy-to-stream sports websites that are accessible on your smartphone.

The ads are there but they aren’t intrusive. You won’t have to worry about the ads interrupting your viewing experience, which is good. Also, the quality of the stream is consistent. Just ensure that you have access to high-speed internet connectivity.

9. RedStream


RedStream is your OG live sports streaming website that gives equal competition to StreamEast. From their directory of all the upcoming sports events to the links to the live streaming channels, RedStream has it all sorted for you.

They don’t host the live streams directly on their website. Instead, the content is available via third-party links that you can click on and view. Also, the website hosts recordings from different live streams that you likely just watched.

There are a lot of customization options on the website, which allow you to adjust the resolution, playback speed, quality of the stream, etc. No longer will you have to worry about compromising with the poor quality of the live stream when you can adjust it manually.

10. Live TV

Live TV is another good-quality free sports streaming platform that you can consider looking into. Not only is serves as a good alternative to StreamEast, but the website is also known for hosting some of the most exclusive sports events that you wouldn’t get access to otherwise.

Like most of the free sports streaming platforms, even this one uses third-party links for the streaming experience. With a simple click, you will be redirected to the live streaming platform that then allows you to host your live streaming experience without any hassle.

As for the category of sports available, even that is quite diverse. Not only can you watch the regional tournaments, but the platform also provides access to international events, which is fun too.

11. BatmanStream


Don’t go by the name of the website, it doesn’t host superhero movies but is popular sports streaming website. From rugby to football, you can find a lot of different types of sports events that can be streamed on the platform, making it a favorable option among several users.

The overall website gains its name and popularity due to the simple and minimal UI. You can also search for a live broadcast, which is another reason why it has gained the kind of name that it has. The availability of matches on the website is quite promising too.

There is a separate section where users can add live ratings, which makes it easier for the other users to assess which streams are worth the time and which ones aren’t. The streaming quality of the website is quite promising as well. 

12. SteamHunter

SteamHunter is a reliable, safe, and flexible sports streaming platform that you can blindly indulge in. The updated content on the platform is what steals the show, especially if you like having access to the live streams in an organized manner.

It is mobile optimized as well, which is another reason why users can easily access the streaming links and the content directly via their smartphones without any complaints whatsoever. You can keep track of all the ongoing or upcoming matches too, which is another benefit to the platform. 

Overall, the user interface is a lot similar to StreamEast, so if you are worried about the usability and navigation on the website, you won’t have to worry about that at all. The streams are mostly in HD quality and resolution, so having access to high-quality and fast internet is an absolute must. You will otherwise have a buffered user experience, something that we don’t recommend any users experience at all. 


1. Is StreamEast a legal website?

StreamEast hosts most of the live streaming links from third-party websites, which means that their content isn’t necessarily legal. This is one of the reasons why the website is often banned in certain countries.

2. Is StreamEast a Safe website?

Yes, StreamEast is a 100% safe website. It is an open-sourced platform, which means that you won’t have to worry about creating an account or sharing any personal information on the website.

3. Should I use a VPN while using StreamEast?

If you are particular about your safety and privacy online and want to be extra cautious, we’d recommend using a paid VPN service to bypass the issues with piracy and copyright issues.

4. Is StreamEast free?

Yes, StreamEast is 100% free and hosts all of its content open for all users to access without any hidden charges.


StreamEast is a highly reputable online sports streaming website but you can’t negate the fact that the platform is banned in certain countries. Having access to the list of the top alternatives overcomes the hassle and allows you to have a few websites to fall back on in case you can’t access StreamEast while streaming an important sports event.