12 Best VipBox Alternatives to Watch Sports Online in 2024

If you are a fan of sports, it must be hard for you to miss live sports events. As much as you would like to attend them, it’s not always possible to visit the venue and watch live sports. That’s where sites like VipBox come to your help. This site allows sports enthusiasts to stream a variety of live sports events, for free, at high resolutions. No matter if you are looking for the latest updates or highlights, UFC, Rugby, NBA, NFL, Boxing, etc. this site will cater to your needs. 

Is VipBox illegal? 

No, VipBox is a legal sports streaming platform that allows viewers to enjoy a safe sports streaming experience. The best part about it is that it doesn’t charge subscription fees for its services. 

However, before you log into this site, we advise connecting your device to a VPN to secure your personal information. In some places, accessing the site is impossible, due to the implementation of regional laws. The VipBox service is not illegal though.  

Alternatives To VipBox 

VipBox is a free sports streaming service that allows viewers to watch their favorite sports for free. No matter whether you are in the mood to watch some WWE or NFL live or NBA matches that you have missed, VipBox has everything you need. Its collection of sports will simply move your mind! 

Despite being a widely popular streaming website, there are alternative websites to VipBox that are worth considering. They too offer similar services, some even offer better ones! 

If you are willing to try out VipBox’s alternatives, you have come to the right place. Here’s our list of VipBox’s alternatives that are easily accessible, free of charge, and can be accessed straight from your mobile devices. Let’s go through them one by one below: 

1. goatd.me


The first of the popular alternatives to look out for is goatd.me. This website comes with an intuitive interface and offers real-time sporting events. The home page of this site is solely dedicated to the games that are scheduled for that particular day. This means the contents of the homepage are updated daily. The site doesn’t have too many visuals and seems to be clean enough. 

One can stream a variety of sports on this site, including hockey, basketball, badminton, football, golf, tennis, and soccer. Navigating through the site is easy. If you are looking forward to streaming a specific sports event, you can search for it in the search bar or click on the appropriate category to which the sports event belongs. 

2. FirstRowSports


The next site you can refer to for streaming online sports events is FirstRowSports. It’s a great alternative to VipBox and offers similar services. Just like VipBox, this site’s interface too is amazing. The visual quality of the live streams is commendable. That’s the reason why its popularity is on the rise. 

The homepage is quite simple and well-categorized. For more accurate suggestions and recommendations, the site allows you to adjust the time zone. The contents of this site are regularly updated to ensure viewers do not miss out on anything. There’s a separate section titled news feed that provides the latest updates on games across the globe. 

If you are looking forward to an uninterrupted sports streaming experience, FirstRowSports would surely offer you a satisfactory one. 

3. Sportlemon


The next best VipBox alternative for sports live streaming is Sportlemon. This site covers a wide range of sports for viewers to stream. One can find live streams and past events of sports like basketball, soccer, tennis, cricket, hockey, and whatnot. Streaming on this site doesn’t cost a single penny! Isn’t that amazing? 

The best part is this site is free from annoying ads. Therefore, you can safely enjoy an uninterrupted sports streaming experience, sitting at home, for free! The site is also free from malware. That’s why Sportlemon is one of the top favorite streaming sites for a lot of sports lovers. The major features of this site are its accessibility and intuitive interface, well-organized layout, and free services. 

4. SuperSport


SuperSport is another alternative to VipBox that’s worth considering. Not only does this site stream live sports events but also cover the entire league the games belong to. The site makes it easier to find the particular match you are looking for. All you have to do is click on the club or league or category to which the game belongs and you will get what you are looking for. 

For instance, there are league categories like MotoGP, Premier League, US open, etc. Among the major sporting events, there are UFC and WWE, which adds to the list of entertainment the site offers. Like other streaming sites, this site too comes with a fantastic homepage and easy navigation features, to enhance the viewers’ streaming experience. 

5. Live TV

Live TV

It is a free sports streaming website that offers a variety of sports events for free streaming and updates its contents. This site is accessible globally. People can watch their favorite sports here at high resolutions and enjoy a satisfying sports streaming experience with friends and family. The best part about this site is that it’s free from annoying ads. You do not have to come across irritating ads in the middle of streaming. 

Also, the site’s interface is intuitive and user-friendly. One can find top events live on the left section and popular videos on the right side. Interestingly, this site also has various fan clubs! You can join your favorite fan club here and interact with other sports enthusiasts from across the globe! 

6. Sportrar.tv


One of the best sports streaming sites that you mustn’t forget is Sportrar.tv. Combined with the best features, this site is a true alternative to VipBox. As soon as you reach the site’s homepage, you can explore a variety of categories like Tennis, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Handball, WWE, and everything else. 

The site also lists the gaming events and their status in real-time. This means, if you want to keep a track of all the matches of the premier league and their updates, you are at the right place. This website will provide you with every information you need.

 Another great feature is time-zone optimization. The site will inform you of the match timings in your time zone and that of the original time zone. 

7. Strikeout


This site mostly covers ball games and races. It allows people from across the globe to access its contents. It doesn’t charge a fee for streaming its content. This means this is a free sport streaming website and if you can’t subscribe to a premium streaming website, this is your solution. 

The site comes with a well-organized homepage, containing a variety of categories and leagues. Simply click on a suitable tab and every game under that category will appear. You can also type the game’s name on the search bar and get what you want.

As per your search item, this website will bring you a list of the related findings and the real-time when each of them will be held. You can go through the results and click on the game that you want to stream. 

8. Batmanstream


Similar to VipBox, Batmanstream is another well-known sports streaming alternative that a lot of people count on. People can change the time zones and find out matches happening in different countries. Especially the events played across the European subcontinent are easily accessible on this site.

Though the site hosts events of all sports, it mainly focuses on volleyball or handball. Some of the major features of this site include streaming matches in high resolutions, allowing people to adjust the time zones as per their needs, and covering every game of the premier soccer leagues. 

9. MamaHD


MamaHD is the next popular sports streaming website. Here, you will get content from all leading sports channels. You can browse through its contents, looking into its innumerable categories. Click on the category that you want to stream and pick the event of your choice! 

The site lets you stream your favorite sports events for free, in premium quality. However, this site doesn’t upload videos of sports events. Here, you will get several viewing links for every sports event. If one link doesn’t work, click on the next. 

If you are still hunting for an ideal sports streaming website, MamaHD is a must-try. It’s easily accessible, ad-free, and offers an HD streaming experience. 

10. Fromhot


This site doesn’t only cover sports events but goes beyond to include entertainment videos too! Similar to VipBox, you can find multiple links for every sports event or movie, song, or whatsoever. The links are of high resolution and can be accessed for free. 

Sometimes, these links might redirect you to another page. You should remain careful of that and close that page immediately. Make sure your system is protected and secured enough before logging into these online streaming platforms. There are high chances of getting your system affected by malware or trojans. 

The good news is that Fromhot is a free sport streaming website and doesn’t charge subscription fees for its services. The only downside is that you will have to come across several unwanted ads while streaming. 

11. 6Streams


The unique feature of this site is that it lets users access its contents without any registration. Simply click on the site’s link and you will be taken to its homepage. There’s no hassle of registering or creating an account on this site. Rest assured you will get a satisfying sports streaming experience here because of its wide range of sports events available and the high content quality. 

There are several advantages to using this site for your entertainment. For instance, the page loads real quick, allowing users to switch between different sports events. Moreover, the website comes with a decent web interface and constantly updated information on various sports events. 

12. WherestheMatch


It’s not always possible to visit the stadium and enjoy live sports events on the spot. That’s where sites like these come to your rescue. If you are unable to visit the venue and enjoy live matches, WherestheMatch is here to let you stream live sports events from any corner of the globe. This is a free sports streaming website that provides a variety of matches along with appropriate information. 

There’s an app version of this site that sports lovers can install on their phones. Don’t worry, it wouldn’t slow down your device’s speed as it has a small size. Its well-categorized content is loved by the viewers. 

Tips to keep in mind while streaming live sports online

If you use online streaming platforms a lot, you must be aware of the risks involved. Your device can get hacked and affected by malware. All your confidential information can be stolen. It’s therefore important to follow some safety tips while accessing online streaming platforms. Some of them have been mentioned below:

  • Always use a virtual private network. It hides your IP address using encryption software, thus protecting your network data and traffic. 
  • Be careful while clicking on links. Access contents from a reliable source. There’s no dearth of scammers online. Therefore, you must know what you are clicking on. Viewers are advised to subscribe to legal sports streaming platforms online, instead of using websites that provide free services. 
  • Avoid using illegal sports streaming websites as they are riddled with malware or adware. There can be pirated video files on the website and if you click on them unknowingly, your device will get infected.  


This guide covers the major sports streaming alternatives to VipBox. There are many more to the list. No matter which site you decide to use for streaming your favorite matches, make sure it’s safe and legal. With so many scams and cyber-crimes taking place every day, it’s important to indulge in safe streaming practices. 

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