12 Best Wi-fi Text Messaging Apps for Android & iOS in 2024

Messaging is an integral part of our communication with our friends and family. However, most Android and iOS users rely on pre-installed messaging apps on their respective devices because it’s more convenient.

However, with the kind of advancements we are experiencing in technology, third-party Wi-Fi text messaging apps are no doubt standing out of the lot, and for the right reasons. Besides their convenience, these apps are filled with a variety of unique features and functionalities that aren’t available otherwise. 

Most of these messaging apps are 100% free, meaning that you won’t ever have to worry about the hassle of needing to share a text, send images or videos, or even an attachment. The availability of these third-party Wi-Fi text messaging apps is no doubt diverse when it comes to Android. However, we have managed to narrow down the list for iOS devices too.

This article will walk you through a list of the top Wi-Fi text messaging apps for both Android and iOS that we think are worth the time.

What is the best Wi-Fi Text Messaging Apps for Android and iOS?

When it comes to shortlisting the best Wi-Fi text messaging apps for both Android and iOS, we wanted to curate a list that’s updated, worth the time and contains free apps.

Almost all the apps we have picked out are free to use. They don’t contain unnecessary in-app purchases, which is a benefit too. That said, some of these apps are Android exclusive and some are iOS exclusive and a few are available for both platforms.

Following are the best Wi-Fi text messaging app we’d recommend for both Android and iOS platforms.

1. Text Me

Text Me

Available for both Android and iOS platforms, Text Me are no doubt one of the absolute best Wi-Fi text messaging apps currently available on the internet. Besides standard texting, the app also supports free calling and free voicemail features.

However, the best thing about this app is its convenience. The user interface isn’t complicated at all and has a very organized layout that’s easy to navigate. Not once will you have to worry about being stuck in the middle.

Once you download the app, it provides you with an actual working phone number, which you can then use for calling or text messaging in both the USA and Canada. If you want to spruce up the usability of the app, it has a customizable text message tone, ringtone, etc.

Coming to the app’s reliability, the app currently has over a million downloads from genuine people in real time, which means that you can trust this app to get your texting habits fuelled.

2. OpenPhone


OpenPhone is a popular VoIP phone system and is perfect for teams and for business professionals who want a separate route of communication. Since the app is focused on professionals, it isn’t surprising that they have entirely separate business-centric features that enable people to stay connected to the world.

Besides the standard SMS features, OpenPhone also enables you to indulge in Wi-Fi calling, sending images, and videos and supports team messaging as well. If you want to install an app that will streamline your communication, we’d recommend going forward with this one.

One of the most unique features of this app is the availability of “Snippets”. These are text messaging templates, wherein you get to start a conversation or reply to a conversation using a premade text reply.

Also, the app supports auto-replies, which sends the sender an automatic reply, especially when you can’t get back to them personally. Auto replies generally contain generic messages, including times when you are busy or driving and can’t send a reply at that point.

3. textPlus


Moving back to personal Wi-Fi texting apps and we have textPlus. The app has pretty similar features to Text Me but with an accentuated touch. Not only does the app help you stay connected with your friends, but it also allows you to send complimentary messages to the intended individual as well.

You can forward text messages and even indulge in the free calling feature that’s available on this app. However, the only downside is that it requires you to create an account on their platform. You have to register once you download the app and then get started.

What’s great is that the app provides a variety of security features that you wouldn’t otherwise get in similar texting apps. It doesn’t probe into your data and gives you the autonomy to block or restrict calls from certain numbers.

4. Android Messages

Android Messages

If the name of the app wasn’t a giveaway, Android Messages is an Android-exclusive Wi-Fi text messaging app. Not just for messaging, it also supports MMS and RCS on your phone. With over a billion downloads, Android message is a leading app that you won’t regret downloading.

Overall, coming to the features of this app, it has a very clean UI with no complicated features. You can comfortably navigate through the app, send messages, and get done with it. There are no unnecessary or intrusive ads on the platform, which is a boon as well.

One of the most unique features of this app is that it syncs and connects with your Google Pay account to make payments a lot faster and more simplified. However, since it’s related to your bank accounts and payments, we’d suggest you avoid syncing both of these apps.

Also, you get to see when your friends are typing or trying to send you a message in real time. That’s another popular feature of this app that sets it apart from the remainder of the options.

5. WhatsApp


Now, this is an app that doesn’t require an introduction. With billions in downloads, WhatsApp has to be the most popular Wi-Fi text messaging app on the internet and it is 100% free. You don’t have to worry about paying a dime to use their services.

Besides its popularity, WhatsApp stands out with its features, especially when it comes to security and privacy. All the chats are end-to-end encrypted and your data is never probed into. Besides free messaging, the app also enables you to indulge in free calling, free video calling, etc.

Furthermore, WhatsApp has a separate app for business, where you can kickstart your business in a matter of seconds. It supports up to 1000 free conversations with potential clients, following which you’d need to pay.

Even though WhatsApp is such an integrated and amazing Wi-Fi text messaging app, we can’t deny the fact that the app lacks a series of advanced features, including automatic replies, third-party integrations, etc.

6. Yaata – SMS

Yaata - SMS

Yaata – SMS isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, primarily because the app is fairly new in the market. It is quite popular among the current generation, thanks to its unique and flexible settings and customization features.

Available for both Android and iOS, Yaata – SMS allows users to not just send text messages but also forward MMS files to the intended recipients. You can comfortably get delivery reports and the status of the message once you have sent it.

Unlike WhatsApp, Yaata – SMS does support a series of advanced features, including automatic replies, automatic resending, etc. However, you’d need to upgrade to the premium version of the app to be able to access these features.

7. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger

If you are hunting for a reliable and well-known Wi-Fi text messaging app for both Android and iOS, Signal Private Messenger is a good option. The app is a lot similar to WhatsApp, not just in terms of the layout and UI but also when it comes to features and usability.

What’s unique is that the app is independently designed and developed, which means that there is no owner of this application. This can seem a little sketchy in the beginning but trust us, it is 100% safe and secure for you to download without any worries.

The best part of this app is that it doesn’t contain unwanted and intrusive ads on the app. You won’t have to worry about trackers too. Also, the promptness with this app is quite impressive and something you aren’t going to regret indulging in at all.

8. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

If you didn’t think Facebook Messenger would be a part of this list you were mistaken. When it comes to a free Wi-Fi text messaging app, this one deserves special mention. It is free, available for both Android and iOS, and offers a lot more than just a text messaging feature.

However, the biggest limitation to using Facebook Messenger is the people you can text or call. Unlike WhatsApp where you can connect with anyone using their phone number, Facebook Messenger is limited to only Facebook users.

So, if you don’t have a particular user in your contact list or if the other user has their settings set to private, then you won’t be able to text them via Facebook Messenger. It is ideal for the friends you have on your Facebook account only.

9. Telegram


In today’s date, Telegram has become a lot more than just a text messaging app. It has become a platform where people connect to share notes, files, multimedia and even larger movie files within a matter of seconds.

However, you can’t deny the fact that Telegram started as a staple Wi-Fi text messaging app like most of the other ones we have shortlisted here. Garnering 100+ million downloads, the app is still running effortlessly and without any complications.

What makes this particular app stand out from the rest is the immaculate data processing speed. You won’t have to compromise on the same and effortlessly forward your message to the recipient or the groups within seconds.

10. Viber


If you are looking for a free Wi-Fi text messaging app that’s similar to WhatsApp, we’d suggest looking into Viber. Not just for Android and iOS, the platform is compatible with Mac, Linux, etc. too. From unlimited texting to voice calls, you can pretty much do everything with this app.

Like WhatsApp, even Viber has a separate app for business, which can come in handy if you want to keep your personal and professional work separate. Besides their free text messaging and calling services, Viber has a paid VoIP service called Viber Out.

However, if you don’t feel the need for extra features, we’d recommend sticking to the free version because it gets the job done just fine. You can connect with your friends and family and even conduct international calls without any compromise.

11. Mood Messenger

Mood Messenger

Although quite underrated, Mood Messenger is a pretty decent and comprehensive Wi-Fi text messaging app that we think deserves a special mention. Not just for text messaging, the app supports multimedia and also voice messaging.

Coming to the customization features, Mood Messenger stands out in terms of the collection of emoticons, stickers, and overall fun personalization features.

Also, if you want to initiate a group chat, you can do so on this app by adding up to 200 people in a group and having the time of your life conversing with them.

12. TextNow


Last on the list is TextNow, which allows users to indulge in free texting and calling features. The best part of using this app is that it doesn’t require the recipient to have this app for you to be able to connect with them.

The free calling and texting features on this app are ad-supported, which can be a hit or miss among some users. However, if you want to eliminate the ads on the app, there is a premium plan you can upgrade to.

Besides local calling, the app also supports international calling, if that’s something you need. The same in Canada and the United States is free.


And, that’s all you need to know about the top Wi-Fi text messaging apps for Android and iOS platforms. We have tried to keep the list of options diverse, meaning that you should be able to find a compatible app that enables you to conduct free calling, free messaging, and a few other perks – all in one app.

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