A Guide To Windows 7 Enterprise Key And How To Install It

Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system was introduced in 2009. It is a version of the computer operating system Microsoft Windows. Microsoft promises that Windows 7 is faster, more trustworthy, and more compatible than Windows Vista. It was superseded with the introduction of Windows 8 in October 2012; however, Microsoft will continue to offer mainstream support until 2015 and extended support until January 2020. Windows 7 Enterprise is specifically designed for commercial and official users. Casual users may find it a bit difficult to operate.

Best Features Of Windows 7 Enterprise

Features Of Windows 7 Enterprise

Windows 7 Enterprise is a computer operating system that is a version of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft promises that Windows 7 Enterprise is faster, more trustworthy, and more compatible than Windows Vista. Following are three best features of Windows 7 Enterprise that made it popular:

  1. Action Bar of the Windows

Features Of Windows 7 Enterprise

Although the Windows Action Center gained popularity with Windows 10, it first existed in Windows 7 Enterprise. The Action Center, which you can access by clicking the little flag in the lower-right corner, alerts you when anything needs your attention.

  1. Themes


Themes were available in Vista, but they look considerably better with Windows 7 Enterprise. Themes are collections of desktop backgrounds and system sounds used to personalize your experience. The Control Panel comes with pre-installed themes, and you can get new ones through Microsoft. You may also change your desktop’s background to any image on your computer.

  1. Taskbar


The taskbar in Windows 7 Enterprise improves the usability of the operating system. For example, you may pin things to the taskbar so that you can open frequently used programs with a simple click at any time. When you right-click a pinned item, the jump list opens, allowing you to access previously used files and important program settings quickly.

What Is A Product Key?

An Online Service Activation (OSA) Key is a Product Key that is a combination of unique digits. It is a one-time redemption key required for Microsoft Online Services subscription activation. 

This string of letters and/or numbers is a unique identifier that the software decodes to guarantee that your copy is lawful. It is vital to know where it is and how to access it to authorize the software’s installation and your eligibility for product help.

Windows 7 Enterprise Key

  • Windows 7 Enterprise key: 33PXH-7Y6KF-2VJC9-XBBR8-HVTHH
  • Windows 7 Enterprise N key: YDRBP-3D83W-TY26F-D46B2-XCKRJ
  • Windows 7 Enterprise E key: C29WB-22CC8-VJ326-GHFJW-H9DH4

How To Activate Windows 7 Enterprise

How To Activate Windows 7 Enterprise

Windows 7 Enterprise is another version of Windows 7 which is exclusively made for business purposes and thus finding a product key for the enterprise version of Windows 7 may become a little difficult. Once you have the product key, you need to activate the windows. Here is how you can do it:

  • Method 1
  1. The first and foremost step is to download the windows setup. You can find it on the official site of Microsoft or many other sites as well.
  2. Next, with the help of WinRAR, you can select the archive of the windows and install it, letting it run and installing it as the administrator.
  3. If you have bought the windows, then you will find the product key on the side of the box of the CD, but in case you haven’t, you can choose from any one mentioned above. Type it in the place where it asks for a product key to activate the windows.
  4. After entering the product key, you will find that the windows are registered and running properly. You can enjoy all the high-end features of Microsoft Windows 7 with the help of this product key easily.
  • Method 2

On the other hand, if these keys are not working, you can follow this method to activate and install windows 7 enterprise without a product key:

  1. The first step is to choose the correct key for the edition of Windows 7 that you use. You can choose the available keys too.
  2. Secondly, go to the taskbar and type ‘cmd’, an option of “cmd.exe” will pop up, right-click on that, and you will see another pop up on the left-hand side. Choose the “run as administrator” option.
  3. The next step is to install the license key to make sure your windows are installed successfully. Type this command “slmgr.vbs /ipk yourlicensekey” and then press enter.
  4. Next, in order to proceed to the next step, you need to join a server. Type the command “slmgr.vbs /skms s8.uk.to” to connect to this server and press enter. If you see the error code, this just means that the server is busy; you can wait and try again.
  5. The last and final step is to activate the windows by typing this command “slmgr.vbs /ato” and pressing enter.

Where is my Windows 7 Enterprise product key?

If you are considering using Windows 7 Enterprise on your device, there are certain factors that you have to keep in mind. Firstly, Windows 7 Enterprise can be accessed via two routes – offline or online.

Both of these methods are viable, provided that you have to pay attention to the steps we mention.

  • If you are buying the product key online, Windows 7 Enterprise product key will be mailed to you directly in the registered email.
  • If you are buying the product key offline from a store, you’d get an entire kit with the CD and the attached product key sticker on the package. You can access it from there.

What is Windows Enterprise mode?

Now that you are familiar with Windows 7 Enterprise key, let us familiarize you with what Windows Enterprise mode is and how it works.

This is a compatibility mode, which runs on Windows 10 or Internet Explorer 11, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1 devices. The main functionality of this mode is providing access to a modified browser configuration, which looks and feels like the Windows Internet Explorer 7. 

The functionalities are pretty great when you come to think of it, which is always a benefit that you simply can’t brush to the side.


Although Windows 7 has many disadvantages, it led to lagging of the system, many features that were present in earlier windows were removed and the cost of the new system was higher than its predecessors, still, the new upgrade managed to win many hearts. Windows 7 Enterprise is available perfect for office use. However, it can be used casually as well.

Owing to its positive attributes that led to its win over the disadvantages it had, Windows 7 Enterprise is still prevalent and in use. The above-mentioned product keys, ways to install the windows, and the FAQs are a way to keep people who use Windows 7 Enterprise in the loop and help them with technical issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find a free version of Windows 7 enterprise?

Windows 7, like all other operating systems, is not available for free. You can either take a trial of 7 days or a month, whatever you prefer, from the official website of Windows 7. Or, you can follow one of the above-mentioned methods to activate Windows 7 Enterprise.

2. How do I find a lost product key?

If your device isn’t one of the few that comes pre-installed with Microsoft Office, you’ll almost definitely be handed a product key when you purchase the application. This information is required when installing it on your system, and it assures that you may reinstall it at any time if anything goes wrong. Some Microsoft Office versions may even be loaded on several devices. But what happens if anything goes wrong and you misplace your product key? Is this a guarantee that you won’t be able to reinstall Office? Fortunately, not everything is lost. Here’s how to acquire your Microsoft Office Enterprise product key in Windows:

If you’re a bit of a nerd, you may have considered searching for the product key in the Windows Registry. However, since the code is encrypted, this is not an option. Fortunately, there are several programs available that will do the whole work for you. ProduKey is a free tool that searches the Registry for and decrypts your Office product key. When you launch it after downloading it, it will immediately display the product keys for all Microsoft Office programs up to (but not including) 2013, as well as the keys for operating systems such as Windows Vista, 7, and 8. The keys may then be copied and stored for later use, or they can be exported to an HTML file and saved for future reference.

3. Is Windows 7 Enterprise Available for free?

Windows 7 Enterprise is freely accessible on the internet and may be downloaded without difficulty or special requirements. These sources, on the other hand, are completely illegal and untrustworthy. These versions of Windows 7 Enterprise may have various problems, and they may even include viruses!

When you purchase Windows, you are not purchasing the complete operating system. You are paying for the Product Key, which is necessary for Windows activation. If you do not activate your copy of Windows, it will not work properly after the trial period, making profiting from it almost impossible. This is why Microsoft doesn’t mind if people download their Windows 7 Enterprise operating system for free since it’s almost useless without the product key after the trial period. So, if you still have the product key, you can obtain Windows 7 Enterprise for free. You may download your Windows 7 Enterprise ISO image from the Microsoft Software Recovery site by inputting your valid product key.

4. Why should I select Windows 7 Enterprise?

Windows 7 Enterprise is easier to use than previous versions, and it is reportedly more secure against hackers. It also has improved touch and handwriting recognition. You may download some eye-catching themes and background pictures from the Microsoft site via an RSS feed, and you can tweak each component of the themes and save them for future use or send them to other Windows 7 Enterprise. Windows Media Player has been significantly upgraded in Windows 7 Enterprise, and drag and drop capability that was not included in previous versions has been added. This is why even though there are many newer and fancier windows systems available in the market, most of us still tend to choose Windows 7 Enterprise.

5. How do I just install Windows 7 with the product key?

Installing Windows 7 to your device can be a lot complicated if you don’t have it already installed on the computer. You need access to Anytime Upgrade, which is available in the Search programs and you can click on the Windows Anytime Upgrade icon from the Start menu and install it.

6. How do I find my Windows 7 activation key?

Since Windows 7 isn’t a very viable version of Windows anymore, chances are that the only way you’d get access to it is if you have bought a physical copy of the same. If that’s the case, you should have access to the activation key on the body of the CD.

7. Can your factory reset Windows 7 without the installation disk?

Yes, it is possible for you to factory reset Windows 7 without the installation disk but it does involve a lot of complicated steps, involving a lot of recovery and restoration settings.

8. How do I download a Windows 7 installation disc?

The only safe way to download Windows 7 is by using the sources from Windows itself. Third-party operating system files are either corrupt or unsafe for the system you are downloading them to.